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Videos of the Buran Project

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Post 18 Oct 2009, 19:26
This topic will be a huge collection of the little known, technological triumph of the USSR, Buran. Most soviet citizens had contributed to the Buran project, and then the USSR ran out of cash in the early 90s, the project died. ... re=related
Buran With Mira AN-225: ... re=related
Buran Briefing (Very Informative):

Also, Buran on paper was superior to the US Space Shuttle in many ways, but one glares out to me the most:
Ejector Seats and a modern liquid fuel launch system. No more boom on launch. Engines can shut down. One of Burans Computers sees a problem, shuts down rocket, has a partial launch, and then returns to the safety of earth.

Interesting Fact: Buran which means Snowstorm, was named so as it first flew in a Snowstorm.
Post 24 Dec 2018, 21:30
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