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Were the moon landing's faked?

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Post 17 Jan 2007, 19:39
What reason should make KGB interested in the moonlanding?

You are hopeless

What reason do you think?
Maybe they were interested in the dark site of the moon
Post 17 Jan 2007, 19:42
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Post 17 Jan 2007, 20:15
Chaz stop threatening me with your PMs. To call someone hopeless or asking for an ignore button is no reason to get banned from here. I can't believe you are an admin. To be honest I don't think you do a great job here. You are not fair and your own comments are not the most educated or mature either. In fact I have not read any interesting post from you.

And you call yourself a non-sectarian marxist. Marx would turn himself in his grave.

Go on, lock my account now.
Post 17 Jan 2007, 21:06
jahn. you have been here one day and you have a yellow card already. now you think you can pass judgement on me or what I do here?

you have been warned to stop trolling, yet you continue to troll. you have been made aware of the rules here yet you continue to break them.

that is not my fault or my problem.
Post 17 Jan 2007, 21:54
In all fairness Chaz if it comes to trolling then you should be banned immediately. What was that silly picture with the snails about and the one line post that came with it? Its spamming and trolling on your part.

Lets be honest here, where and when did I broke the rules in order to deserve a yellow card. Or are you making up the rules as you trolling along?

Im very serious about this and your hypocracy is unreal.

I think I deserve an apology.

Comrade S.J.
Post 17 Jan 2007, 22:11
did I or did I not send you three warnings yesterday for flaming in cafe mir yesterday?

you paid no attention to them because you kept on with the same crap.

today you are peeved because our administration took action.

I don't care about your personal opinions of me. But personal insults will get you booted from here.
Post 17 Jan 2007, 22:26

three warnings for what? You apply a different set of standards to me than you do to yourself. I never insulted anyone personally.

As for me I had enough of your silly power trip and the poor quality of posters. There is no need for a red card. Im gone from here.
Post 17 Jan 2007, 22:27
you haven't contributed one thought of your own here. and you spout insults to everyone here. If you don't like it here, feel free to leave. no one is stopping you.

Im gone from here

whether you like it or not..
Post 20 Jan 2007, 00:54
absolutely not, if it was, the USSR would use every opportunity to show that it's faked, the confirmed themselves the americans landed on the moon
Post 29 May 2009, 04:29
I agree with Dariuz, if the US moon landings had any trace of it being fake, the USSR would have jumped on it immediately
Post 11 Nov 2009, 12:39
Dear Comrades

I gather that the US left various equipment on the Moon, including a flag, etc. And that the Japanese are set to send somekind of probe to the Moon, to photograph the landing sites. Obviously, if this happens, and the US equipment is present, together with foot prints and tyre tracks, then they must have goen their at some point. One theory is that the landings as we know them on film, are not real - apparently faked for security reasons, so that the Soviets could not gain any reliable information on the US space technology. But that the US did go there, either before or after the alleged landings.

I have listened to to the evidance for the faking, and listened to the answer from NASA, and NASA was very convincing, claiming that the conspiracy theorists are operating from a false logic. That should be read that NASA 'knows' more, a typical bourgeois response. But NASA has explained away every single conspiracy component. Oddly, the former astronaut Edgar Mitchell says that the US Moon missions experienced UFO sightings whilst on or near the Moon. NASA, whilst acknowledging that Mitchell is a great American, said he is nevertheless mistaken about his view of the mission he undertook.

Onething is certain, the next visit to the Moon will be viewed world wide and monitored by virtually everyone.
Post 16 Aug 2010, 19:35
The moon landings couldn't have been faked, however, there is still SOME truth in the conspiracy theories. There were in fact fake moonlanding scenario's, which could have been used instead of the authentic material in case anything went wrong. That is probably the one and true fact that caused the whole conspiracy story to leave off the ground.
Post 19 Aug 2010, 00:19
Mars is the destination we are all waiting for. Mars can be converted, so people can live there and as such, the planet is of significant importance!


Please explain the "strategic importance" of Mars. It has no eco-system, thus no fossil fuels (but nobody informed GW Bush, that's why he wanted to the moon), so how do you think a mission or colony there can ever be self-sustaining?
Post 04 Sep 2010, 04:43
The main verification today of human presence on the moon is the mirrors placed there during the Apollo 11, 14 and 15 missions. Each night a powerful laser from New Mexico is able to target these mirrors and get verification of the moon's location to within a few millimeters. This is not possible without mirrors.

However, anyone interested in Stanley Kubrick's work would know that NASA did take incredible interest in his production 2001: A Space Odyssey, and several reviewers such as Rob Ager have noticed some hidden messages within the film which indicate Kubrick's suspicion that the moon-landings were a hoax.

But regardless, they cannot be because of the mirrors.

Best Regards,
Post 04 Sep 2010, 05:57
Smasher wrote:
However, anyone interested in Stanley Kubrick's work would know that NASA did take incredible interest in his production 2001: A Space Odyssey, and several reviewers such as Rob Ager have noticed some hidden messages within the film which indicate Kubrick's suspicion that the moon-landings were a hoax.

2001: A Space Odyssey was released in 1968. The moon landing happened in July of 1969. What sort of supposed messages have been noted?
Post 04 Sep 2010, 17:47
It would take a long and complex analysis to explain that here, but here is one clue,
The vague council meeting dialogue also fits well with the contention that Floyd and his colleagues are conspiring to publicly stage the moon landings (as well as intending to fake the discovery of extra terrestrial intelligence). For example, the comment “I completely sympathize with your negative views” could be an innuendo about the colourization themes. The comment about “the potential for cultural shock and social disorientation contained in this present situation” may be a warning that the operation must be done convincingly.

There are even more details in the council meeting scene to support this fake moon landing interpretation. One of the most famous of the moon landing conspiracy claims is that the US flag is seen blowing in the wind on the lunar surface even though there is no atmosphere on the moon. Here we see a US flag, which is very prominent in some of the close ups of Floyd, and there’s an unidentified blue flag on the right. Both of these flags are seen faintly moving during the wide shots, as if blown by a mysterious wind. (Rob Ager, “Kubrick: and beyond the cinema frame,” Chapter 12).

While at first this might seem too subtle a clue, if you read the book in question, you will see that there are more obvious hidden messages and more subtle ones. Just remember that with film makers, nothing is in a shot without a reason. They are artists of incredible precision.

Other than that, after the moon landings, there is a theme in his other films in relation to them. In A Clockwork Orange the old man being beaten by the droogs mentions 'men walking on the moon' as if he didn't believe it, and the young boy in the Shining wears a knit sweater with a rocket on it, as if to say, it is nothing but a child's dream.

I am not saying these are what Kubrick intended, but it is impossible for Kubrick not to have hidden messages in his films considering the amount of secrecy he kept around the filming of them all, and the years of planning and organizing notes it would require. He had drawers in his office, floor to ceiling, on all four walls, covered by curtains, with information ordered alphabetically, about Napoleon. This was all for the Napoleon film he never made, and similar processes were engaged in for his other films.

Some more from Ager's book,
Remember also that Floyd spoke in the council room about “the grave potential for social shock and cultural disorientation contained in this present situation … if the facts were made public without proper preparation and conditioning.” I believe this to be one of the most important lines of dialogue in the whole movie. The term “adequate preparation and conditioning” is a user-friendly term for propaganda. Obviously they are trying to either hide or falsify some major event that will widely affect the human race.

An explanation for all this may be that the council are about to stage a discovery of extra-terrestrial life. The rumours of “something being dug up on the moon” and the “reliable intelligence reports” of something having been found of an “unknown origin” can be understood as standard propaganda practice. In propaganda public opinion is often tested or conditioned by deliberate information “leaks” or falsified rumours. The party responsible for putting out the information encourages it to spread behind the scenes, yet publicly denies its authenticity - just as Floyd does when questioned by Smyslov. So the conversation on the moon bus could be Floyd and his council colleagues deliberately jesting with each other in ear shot of the pilots in order to further spread the rumour.

Looking at the council meeting again it’s not difficult to notice that the meeting has been scripted by its three central characters. Floyd and Bill are privately whispering to each other before the meeting starts. After Floyds introduction speech, he asks if there are any questions. Bill then asks how long the cover story will have to be maintained. Of course Bill already knows the answer because he has just been privately chatting to Floyd. Notice how utterly silent the rest of the group are. If you strip away the pretence, Floyds talk is basically a scripted question and answer session. It is a mystery as to whether the rest of the council are in on the propaganda stunt or are being manipulated into spreading the rumours.

In an ultimate reflection of the films surface narrative, which is basically a “cover story” for Kubrick’s hidden narratives, the famous poster of 2001 features the deceptive tagline “An epic drama of adventure and exploration”.

The entire dialogue of the council meeting scene is embedded with hidden narrative innuendos. An amusing example is the presence of a parallel or mirrored reality, as featured in the excavation site. Dr Halvorsen introduces Floyd to the group and then walks around the right side of the table and back to his seat in a way that virtually mirrors Floyds movement around the table on the left side. The two characters also look very much alike and when Floyd addresses the group he says “nice to be back again” as if he has just got up and introduced himself twice. He then delivers a message from a Dr Howell, perhaps encouraging us to "howl" with laughter at the double identity joke.

He tells the group that their discovery “may well be one of the most important in the history of science”, but he mentions nothing about what that discovery is. If this film is about the discovery of alien intelligence then why doesn’t he say something specific to that effect? He does however pass on the “appreciation” of the aforementioned myterious "Doctor Howell" for the many “sacrifices” they have had to make. Again, this is very vague. What sacrifices?

After cutting to a close up shot, Floyd makes comments about “conflicting views” and “opposition to the cover story” and that he sympathizes with the groups “negative views”. These comments could apply to some of the deliberate visually continuity errors, such as images being flipped vertically and horizontally, or to the hidden narratives.

The camera angle now switches back to a wide shot as Floyd says “well, this is the view of the council”. Again this could be hinting at the mirrored reality theme. Is Floyd referring to his own physical view of the room or to our view (the films audience)? The position Floyd is stood in while speaking this line is also probably the position the camera was in when his pre-recorded briefing of the Jupiter mission was filmed. Floyd would have been sat in his chair in the middle of the desk.

Ad infinitum.
Post 10 Dec 2010, 12:01
I hadn't even noticed this thread when I started the other moon thread or I would have just added the info here. Sorry.

The main verification today of human presence on the moon is the mirrors placed there during the Apollo 11, 14 and 15 missions. Each night a powerful laser from New Mexico is able to target these mirrors and get verification of the moon's location to within a few millimeters. This is not possible without mirrors.

Unmanned craft can have adjustable reflectors attached to their sides. If the Surveyor program wasn't faked, they had that technology then. ... 968df825a2

In post #1 of the moon thread that I started there's some stuff about the issue of whether the Soviets would have snitched. I don't see how their not having snitched proves anything because there are plausible scenarios that would explain it and this also doesn't make the anomalies go away. The proof of the hoax is the anomalies in the video and still pictures.
Post 15 Mar 2011, 16:50
The relflective disk left on the moon would have had to have been placed with more accuracy then was possible with a computer controlled robot with like a minutes lag in controls.


KVyacheslav wrote:
They had no practical reason to fake a moon landing. The USSR would have noticed, and they would hammer that in the media.

I think any further discussion on the 'faked moon landings' should be moved to a different, purpose made subforum. Maybe make a "Senseless Nonsense' forum in the Off topics section to ensure no degragation to the reputation of the forum, and the communist ideal in general.

The last thing that we need is people associating the moon landing consperiacy with our legitimate cause
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