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Alien life attempting to contact us?

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Post 02 Sep 2004, 17:02
I know this isn't going to end up being alien life, but it would be sweet if it did. ... index.html

The ramifications would be astounding. I wonder what it would mean to the working people of the world.

Post 03 Sep 2004, 05:08
I think it is ET in origen. The truth is out there, and it is getting closer.
Post 04 Sep 2004, 03:32
wow this is cool. it will be interesting this is really alien. Finally something interesting in this boring life.

But most interesting will be seeing christian fundamentalists crying out against the "anti-christ"

At least will be interesting until they start bombing things
Post 06 Sep 2004, 08:34
Aliens are planning to destroy Earth, and use us as lab-rats and toys.

Russian pilots fought them bravely during 60-90ies, and got quite an impressive hit count.

Ground combats were not so successfull, however, with lots of Soviet troopers dead and only a few aliens destroyed...

In early 80ies, KGB discovered a secret plan to subvert Earth governments, and turning Earth into huge concentration camp to feed alien bio-laboratories with human biomass.

KGB captured and interrogated several alien spies, I've read reports.

Aliens are NOT interested in Earth's resources, or in Earth's territory, or in human slaves, or anything.

They are only interested in our carbon-based biology. They are obsessed with flesh. They want lab-rats and toys.

KGB and Soviet space command have found at least four alien bases in Solar System (one of them were pointed out by captured alien spy), but they always move...

KGB managed to make pact with one of alien civilizations against the other civilizations, through one of alien human agents, but aliens betrayed them.

From point of human ethical system, most alien civilizations KGB studied, are representation of Pure Evil, Infernal Legions.
Post 06 Sep 2004, 13:14
Yes i saw that in the newspaper to
Post 06 Sep 2004, 13:16

hmm ... at last it seems SETI@home pays off
Post 06 Sep 2004, 17:30
Hhh god not aliens, we are having hard time being nice to each other and I can only imagine what we would do to the aliens. I hope the aliens come their senses and never come near Earth...or else pooor alien souls... I feel so sorry for them if they ever come in contact with us.
Post 07 Sep 2004, 09:13
How the alliens look like and how did you communicate with them?
Do they have organs for watching,listening,smelling?
Do the have some extra sensories?
Do you have evidences for their existance?
Are they much more advanced than humanity?
How much allien civilizations KGB knows?

I know that KGB hired people with extra senses from all over the world to participate in such programs.Vera Kochovska for example.I don't know if you have heard her.
Post 07 Sep 2004, 10:11
if we make contact whit alians hopfully the human race will unite becuse, if it does happen it will prov that the cristian belive is a lie!
Post 07 Sep 2004, 11:13
well then most religions are
Post 08 Sep 2004, 20:14
Chern, could you provide a link to that?

Post 09 Sep 2004, 05:02
to Dzigarov:

How the alliens look like

That is the most interesting part.

We've all seen of "big headed big eyed greys" (sectoids), but in reality, they are just FAKE phantoms.

I have KGB report on this subject, with drawings of aliens. They look VERY different from how they are pictured in B-movies.

If I somehow can upload a couple of them (I have more than hundred pictures total - one or two pictures for each species), I will send you the link.

The point is, they are not macro-scale solid (fermionic-matter) objects.

The "grey sectoid" images they used was characterised as communication tools.

I suppose real faces could not be used for such task because they look completely monstrous to us (at least according to pictures in report, you will understand when you see them).

and how did you communicate with them?

THEY communicated with us. We do not know their language or do they actually have ANY language.

Do they have organs for watching,listening,smelling?
Do the have some extra sensories?

Depending on civilization, species, sub-type, current state of body, etc.

For example, the most widely-distributed "UFO pilots", classified "type QPW-1" by KGB (and nicknamed "soft-headed corpse-eater" by Russian soldiers), is completely blind on its own, and uses external infrasonic sensors (after all, he is supposed to be pilot, not a pedestrian).

Do you have evidences for their existance?

If I had, I would be world-wide known.

KGB burned most of stuff shortly after writing report, to prevent it from being captured by Americans (let me remind you, it was done during Perestroika and collapse of USSR).

Are they much more advanced than humanity?

Unlimitedly. From interrogations of captured human agents, it was discovered that most civilizations don't consider humans to be self-aware civilization at all.

How much allien civilizations KGB knows?

Civilizations or species? Most civilizations consist of several species.

Wait, I will check report and try to count.

OK, here we go.

Here's list:

Type I (observed and contacted): 28 civilizations.

Type II (observed, but all contacts failed): 17 civilizations.

Type III (non-comprehended): 10 civilizations.

Type IV (newly-found; published only in second report): 19 civilizations.

So, if I didn't made any errors in counting them, there is total 74 civilizations, most of them consist of many species, often highly-specialized. Reports provide at least one picture for each type of species. Species that didn't have any pictures or other evidence, were not listed in report.
Post 09 Sep 2004, 14:57
Can you mail me the report? Mojj adres!
Post 09 Sep 2004, 15:23
Post everything here.
Post 09 Sep 2004, 16:32
I have never been more depressed than when I see the lack of rationality on these boards.
Post 09 Sep 2004, 16:41
Lenin believed in life on Mars, why can't we do the same?
Post 09 Sep 2004, 17:29
haha good point indeed comrade. We should make the red planet truly red.

yes I know that was lame joke.
Post 09 Sep 2004, 18:14
Chernobog-13M: PLZ send me those reports mo adres e
Post 09 Sep 2004, 19:58
It will be better if it's posted here...
However if it's impossible:
Post 27 Sep 2004, 17:11
Well, all very interesting, but if you could actually send me some reports as a few comrades have asked...please?
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