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Andrei Vyshinsky on N. Ezhov's crimes

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Post 24 Jul 2014, 21:53
In this period I am studying in deep the historical figure of Andrei Vyshinsky, the well-known Prosecutor General and Soviet law theorist. I know he strongly criticized Yagoda's actions and finally he condemned him at the 1938 trial. Vyshinsky's criticism of Yagoda mainly concerns his too wide use of confessions as evidence in the trials, his violations of Soviet law and his excesses in the purge. In this field Ezhov made much worse than Yagoda, so I ask you if you know any statements by Vyshinsky against Ezhov's methods and actions, which were condemned by the Party at its 19th Congress.
I take this occasion to ask also if you know any works on the theory of law by Vyshinsky, except The Law of the Soviet State, that I can read on the Internet.
Thanks for any replies.
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