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Why was homosexuality relegalised in the USSR?

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Post 12 Jan 2010, 03:03
Lenin legalised it, then Stalin illegalised it. Are their any legitimate reasons?
Post 12 Jan 2010, 06:39
Slavic people tend to be very conservative in thier opinions about homosexuality. This is what influenced Stalin's policy. His government changed a lot of things from Lenin's era which weren't popular, like the banning of Christmas as an official holiday (Stalin made the Orthodox Christmas day a national holiday again).
Post 12 Jan 2010, 06:50
Probably Stalin was a homo hater? Simple as that.
Post 15 Aug 2010, 04:25
I don't think Stalin personally hated homosexuals I think he was just more conservative then Lenin and he did go to a Georgian Orthodox seminary in his late teens so that might of influenced his views on marriage and sexuality
Post 15 Aug 2010, 05:29
During WWII, Stalin was forced to make a lot of concessions to keep the USSR united in the face of the enemy. He allowed more freedom to the Church, more expression of native cultures such as the Buryat, and also allowed a number of entrenched bourgeois prejudices to persist, such as the discrimininatory measures against homosexuals.
Post 16 Aug 2010, 23:13
When the USSR was founded they had radical views such as free love, progressive schooling, atheism and other such liberal views but the public still held very conservative views on society which was the reason that Stalin reversed many of the policies that were implemented earlier. It was done out of pragmatism because if they had continued with such policies, they would have alienated the masses and make them reactionary. All states more less lose their radicalism and become conservative so that their power is consolidated and the USSR was no different.
Post 19 Aug 2010, 23:11
Such measures were also in line with the cultural realities of 70 years ago. Nowadays, if Socialism came to the US, we'd be able to enact far more lasting reforms concerning gay marriage, adoption, etc., simply because the last 30 years under Capitalism have seen an increased presence in agitation for such and "prepared" the public to accept such things. There would still be an outcry from the traditional reactionary sectors, but the general tide of public opinion concerning these issues has been steadily turning in our favor, and most of them could be counted on to support us.
Post 12 Nov 2010, 02:19
Since when is communism about gay rights anyway ?
Post 12 Nov 2010, 02:26
Since always? Homosexual workers are as much our comrades as anyone else and will be a part of the world we build.
Post 12 Nov 2010, 03:01
Since always?

More like since the 1960's.
I don't remember Marx or Lenin (not to mention Stalin or Che) focusing on homosexual rights.
Post 12 Nov 2010, 03:09
Then they were wrong.
Post 12 Nov 2010, 03:16
Then they were wrong.

Have you ever thought about how homosexuality was more-less a taboo subject back then,and that most of homosexuals didn't really show off with their sex. orientation anyway?
I mean,the matter of homosexuality certainly wasn't on the top of party agenda.
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Post 12 Nov 2010, 04:03
I know. They weren't wrong but rather just didn't give a shit. I just said they were wrong because I hoped you'd panic and scream "REVISIONISM!!!11"
Post 13 Nov 2010, 21:27
The fact is that "identity politics" has emerged as far more of an issue in the post-WWII than it ever had been before. This is partly due to Socialists forcing these issues into the spotlight, and helping to keep them there. So issues such as gay rights, women's rights, and minoritie's rights are now, and always have been, our issues. The bourgeois has done its best to minimize the damaging effects of such issues by splitting them up and delaying their full effect (Slavery abolished in 1865, women's suffrage not established until 1920, gays still without marriage rights).
Post 29 Nov 2010, 00:27
Goldfather wrote:
Since when is communism about homosexual rights anyway ?

In that communism (in a sense) is about liberation and stopping the exploitation of a person by another person. LGBT liberations, women's liberation, enviromentalist issues, ending racism, ect. have always been our isssues; however, socialists always relate it back to the root problem of capitalist exploitation, wage slavery, the massing of capital in the hands of a few, ect. The capitalists and the New Left for that matter, have always tried to make each individual struggle isolated from each other.
Post 21 Dec 2010, 11:32
I have to say I dont agree with homosexual rights in socialism. Stalin did the right thing. Homosexuality and all that free love nonsense are not issues for communists. If your gay then get over your self and join the fight.
Post 21 Dec 2010, 13:14
I would like to say im sorry if ive offended anyone. Some times I get on my big Stalinist high hourse about stuff. If a comrades gay hes gay. Thats his choice I just dont think its the big issue.Sorry again!
Post 21 Dec 2010, 13:19
No, it's refreshing to hear other opinions. I don't think anybody is offended.
Post 24 Dec 2010, 03:05
Thats his choice

Well, actually no it isn't, but I suppose I understand your point fully haha.

As for the question posed as to why homosexual rights are communists issue, well, I agree fully with RR and Dagoth. A homosexual worker is, none the less, a worker just as much as you or I are.
Post 26 Dec 2010, 09:33

It is remarkable that Soviet Russia recognised a same-sex marriage in the 1920s when you consider that same-sex civil partnerships only became legal in Britain in December 2005.

I strongly believe that communism is only true once it has given freedom and social equality to everyone This means homosexuals, the mentally ill, etc, etc, and opresses anyone who doesn't want this, is this a contradiction? No, because anyone who disagrees with human equality and dignity is a Nazi (<< exaggeration, but seriously, they deserve nothing else).

Plus, when homosexuals or anyone else deemed untypical are oppressed by capitalism, they inevitably become members of the oppressed working class themselves. And when is capitalism ever non-discriminative?
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