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Cult Soviet punk song with translation

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Post 20 Mar 2016, 19:38
Hi, everyone. I've made a translation of a cult Soviet punk song called "all goes on as planned" by the band Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense). Even now the song is widely known among people of different age groups including today's young people. I thinkt it may be interesting for some of you to get to know it. It's my very first translation so there can be some mistakes. Please, correct me if you find ones.
The band actually was banned and the leader of the band Egor Letov was jailed in the psychic hospital with fake diagnosis. But the thing is that he was not against communism, he just had slightly different point of view than the government.
The song reflects the beliefs and doubts of an ordinary man in ussr. It is full of sarcasm and may look like antisoviet, but I think it's ambiguous. I hope the message is not lost because of my translation.

All goes on as planned

The key from the border has been broken in two parts
And our grandfather Lenin has gone so long ago
He has decayed to some honey and some mold
And "perestroika" is still going on and on (as planned)
And all dirt has
Turned into naked ice
And all goes on as planned

My soul is tired, it wants to have a rest
And I've promised it "no more playing war games"
But on my uniform cap there are hammer, hook and star
Oh, how touching it is: HAMMER, HOOK, and STAR
The dashing lantern of
Waiting is swaying
And all goes on as planned

And my wife was taken and thrown to the crowd
With the national freedom her flash was torn apart
With a fist of the world they have broken her chest
So (at last), please, bury her in Christ
Cause all goes on as planned?

Grandfather Lenin was the only good chief
And all other ones after him, all they were shit
They were all enemies and damned assholes
From the sky to my land daemonic snow falls
I've read about Korea, it all goes well there too.
They have comrade Kim Ir Sen
And they have just all the same
I am sure, they have
All the same
And it goes on as planned

And the age of communism so fu*king good as shit
It will come very soon, we just have to wait a bit
Everything will be free, everything will make fun
And I think even that we will not have to die
I woke up in the night and realized
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