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Help me identify LP

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Post 01 Mar 2012, 07:15
I don't know if it's valid to post this here, or if it should go in Mir. But here goes.

There's an album being sold online, and very cheap too, of "Russian music." That's about it as far as the description. Obviously the seller has no idea what this is.

I was wondering if anybody could tell me here what this is.

Here's an image of the LP:


(I hope it shows up)

And here's the offer (in Spanish): ... -rusia-_JM

Thanks to everyone in advance.
Post 01 Mar 2012, 07:18
Post 01 Mar 2012, 07:45
Wow, look at all those accolades.

I wonder how people view her. Sometimes artists are spurred when they get so much official recognition, especially after a regime change.

I'll look for her on Youtube. Thanks a lot Loz.
Post 01 Mar 2012, 08:12
praxicoide wrote:
I wonder how people view her. Sometimes artists are spurred when they get so much official recognition, especially after a regime change.

Well, she did sign the letter 'A Word to the People' intensely criticizing Gorbachev and Yeltsin in 1991 in Sovetskaya Rossiya. Still, a person of her talent and respect could not just disappear with regime change, and she remained popular and well known to her death, though she was played less in her last years. She was liked by the Soviet leadership, but if you listen to a couple songs of hers on youtube you'll realize that she was really a people's artist with a unique talent. She was the 'voice of the Russian soul' as some say, not of the KPSS, and she sang folk songs. Hence even if she had a connection to the old regime it wasn't explicit in the music for the most part.

Here's probably her most famous song, about a woman and her lifelong relationship with the river Volga:

By the way prax, when that price says $50.00 is that in dollars or in pesos? Just asking because $50 for a very common lp seems like a lot.
Post 01 Mar 2012, 08:17
Yes, I'm listening to her now. I imagined so, but I had to ask.

The price is in Mexican pesos, which means 4 dollars and some cents.

Is it very common? Is the music in the album more folk based or more academic-like, because there are bits of both in the videos, at least as far as arrangements.
Post 01 Mar 2012, 08:27
praxicoide wrote:
Is it very common? Is the music in the album more folk based or more academic-like, because there are bits of both in the videos, at least as far as arrangements.

Well as you may know, the Melodiya record label held a virtual monopoly on music produced in the USSR, and Zykina's work was widely published. Zykina was definitely a folk artist for the most part. Could you explain what you mean by academic-like?

Also, I'm not 100% sure since the record labels don't seem to match up completely, but I think I may have found the analogue to the record you've found for sale, perhaps rereleased at a later time (it's got the same name):

It's got the date of release (1969), and the track list. You could copy-paste these into youtube and sample what you're going to receive, if you have the inclination.
Post 12 Mar 2012, 16:17
Just a small point reference the title of the LP

Poet in Russian looks like поэт
Sings in Russian looks like поет

Therefore its Lyudmila .......... Sings ......and not, Poet Lyudmila

Sorry for being a bit pedantic on this. But i hope you find what you are looking for.
Post 12 Mar 2012, 23:25
Thanks a lot. I guess we'll know more once it arrives in a few days.
Post 25 Apr 2012, 08:13
I'm falling asleep here but I have to post about my purchase.

Check it out. I bought it without knowing what it was:



I don't know what it says but, c'mon, that's a beautiful cover art. The back with the seal with the torch and the musical staff is also pretty awesome.

I don't see a year anywhere.

Weird thing. It's a 10 inch LP record. Though you find some LPs with this measurement, they are not at all the standard, at least not around these parts. I've seen Soviet LPs too, and they're usually 12 inch, like you would expect.

The vinyl itself is heavy. It's heavier than my 12 inch LPs, and less flexible too. The leader and the end of the groove are large, the end is particularly huge. Pretty weird.

Well, I was too anxious and the mystery was too great, so against my better judgment I went ahead and just wiped the vinyl and gave it a spin instead of washing it.

The music was a lot better than what I expected. I didn't know what I would hear, but I guessed traditional Russian songs, maybe sung in a deep operatic voice with a balalaika. Nope. A full choir with strings interpreted a sad melody, similar to that of Alexander Nevsky. I was blown away. Other songs did have a lead singer, in a rich deep voice, but also with full orchestral arrangements and choir, yet never sounding stuffy or over the top. This is wonderful music.

Oh, the label on the vinyl does come with English words. I didn't even notice until after I took it out of the turntable. It reads:


And it lists the songs too. Sweet.

(BTW, Googling the name gives me: )

And that's not the end of it. The seller gave me, for the hell of it, another LP with my purchase "one with soldier music" he said.

This one I haven't listened because it's filthy and even I aren't that dumb. I would definitely ruin this album if I were to play it this dirty.

But this one isn't Soviet at all. It's from the DDR. It's called "Tapfer lacht die junge Garde" and shows a picure of a smiling soldier.

Hah. If you google it, it does show up:

It's obviously march music, but don't ask me more, though.


OK, I washed both LPs and I'm listening to the German one right now.

As I expected, military-style marches, lots of brass and singing about heimat and stuff. Unexpected was a spoken narration on track two and a children's choir. I don't know if the narration was an introduction of the music or the piece, if it they're unrelated worlds of encouragement, or if it's part of a narration of the whole album, which would make this a cantata.

It's not my cup of tea, but it's an interesting listen, and undenliably a piece of history.
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