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Do you support the UK's withdrawal from the EU

Total votes : 11
Post 19 Jan 2019, 05:54
Do you support Brexit?
Post 19 Jan 2019, 17:52
At first I was on the fence, but after two years (along with the rest of the population) I've realised what a huge mistake it'll be, and it's a resounding no from me now. Theresa May is determined to follow through with it irregardless, even though it looks like nobody wants it.
Post 19 Jan 2019, 18:46
As a non british citizen and argentinian, I'd say get out of Europe, give back Malvinas, leave occupied Ireland and free Scotland!!
Post 20 Jan 2019, 22:51
I support it. EU state aid rules would hamper any future left-wing government seeking renationalisations of industries privatised under Conservative rule. The EU is presented as a benevolent coming together of different nationalities. However, in reality it is the coming together of different national élites, not the peoples of different nations.
Post 22 Jan 2019, 08:13 ... ng-romania

The EU is built on the “free movements” of capital, labour, goods and services, that is, on uncontrolled movements of all four. Capital needs these “freedoms” in order to maximise its profits, and for no other reason. Alexander Stubb, Finland’s prime minister, recently called the EU’s “free” movement principles “holy”.
Post 22 Jan 2019, 08:24
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