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Should naturism be allowed under socialism?

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Should naturism be allowed under socialism?

Yes, in most/all public places.
Yes, but only in certain public places such as beaches.
No, it should be practised only at home or somewhere of the like.
No, it should always be restricted.
No votes
Total votes : 6
Post 10 May 2017, 06:02
I know that this site hasn't been very active in recent months, but I was wondering what you all thought of naturism/nudism and whether it should be allowed under socialism.
Post 13 May 2017, 22:00
I think the polls speak for themselves. I don't think it has so much to do with socialism as it has to do with human nature. Naturism should probably be kept restricted to certain areas for a number of reasons including practical ones. People who engage in this type of practice can gather at such locations without being scolded by others, and vice versa not make others feel uncomfortable by exposing themselves. Permitting nudists to walk freely on the streets would also put them in danger from fundamentalists and sexual predators.

I however believe that the penalty for exhibitionism should always be rather light, like a fine rather than a jail term.
Post 16 May 2017, 05:52
Although I am a firm believer in propriety and privacy, I voted "Yes, in most/all public places."!

Why? Because the need to avert a larger war makes the revival of communism urgent. To revive, communists must shed their stodgy image and do something that shatters stereotypes in a dramatic way.

I read that the Soviet Union was a mecca for libertines in the early 'twenties. Moscow rivaled Paris. Wouldn't it be nice to return to that era and recover that openness and artistic excitement? Can it be done in a way that affirms the body-mind and avoids decadence? Can we have a naturism of the spirit?

In the 'sixties, we chanted "Make love not war". It was no mere slogan: It was practical advice. Pleasure helps to free us from the urge to submit to the corrupt authorities, believe their lies and fight their wars. Most men would rather submit to a woman than submit to a banker!

I am very happy to see this forum coming back to life. The tide has turned: This is our time! Let's not sleep through it!

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