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Did Kim hacked Sony?

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Did Kim hacked Sony?

Most certainly
No votes
Probably not
No votes
I don't know
Total votes : 20
Post 19 Dec 2014, 23:13
What's your opinion?
Post 19 Dec 2014, 23:42
I have no idea. Could have been, could have just as easily been hackers with unknown motivations.
Post 19 Dec 2014, 23:52
Looks like there is an abnormal amount of DDOS attacks on North America right now. I voted yes.
Post 27 Dec 2014, 15:11
Possibly, if he really wanted to get insider celebrity gossip and evidence of the gender pay gap inside Shillywood (shills for BIG OIL AND K COSTNER) studios. Anybody who knows a damn thing about North Korea know that their threats are just for amusement, like constantly threatening to reduce Seoul to a sea of flame and whooping the traitor Lee Myung-Bak's ass.
Post 28 Dec 2014, 02:47
I voted "yes," but my vote is actually "probably." I don't know what happened, but it does seem like the most likely option to me.

It being random unrelated hackers who decided to strike now makes little sense, unless they explicitly wanted to frame North Korea. It's simpler to guess they did it. It being done from the inside by Sony makes a bit more sense, the movie will now have way more people watching it than before. But there were some things in the leaks that Sony wouldn't want let out, that could inspire boycotts once this cools down. More likely, they just took advantage of the opportunity for more publicity.
Post 29 Dec 2014, 02:58
Either way it proves that our North Korean comrades are a bit too much... bigots?
Post 29 Dec 2014, 08:44
I'm now beginning to believe he did.

Post 29 Dec 2014, 12:05
They might have some interest in having people believe they are retards. Or maybe they are? Well, South Korea wants to organize some peace talks now...
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