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A re-intro

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Post 02 Jan 2020, 21:15

This is Marshal Konev, a ghost from past, coming back to these haunts. It has probably been a good 11 to 12 years since I posted meaningfully on this site; the drudgery of adult life and raising a family in a vicious, capitalist world do get in the way. That drudgery is of course still there, but I hope to be on every now and then to contribute, and see how perspectives have changed here. Othereise, glad to be back!
Post 03 Jan 2020, 02:17
Welcome back, but boy are you in for a surprise!

It's less of an empire here nowadays, and more of a waiting room for a backstreet abortion.

What conversation there is generally takes place in Cafe Mir, btw. Good to see you back though. It's nice when past members drop-in.
Post 03 Jan 2020, 17:02
Thanks. Yeah, I see now from how stale most of the topics have become. It is a bit sad, considering how many things are going on around the world. We should change the magazines in the waiting room a bit...
Post 04 Jan 2020, 21:22
It is an honour and a privilege to have such an esteemed member of our tiny empire back.

Allow me to introduce myself; I am Yeqon of Slavic and Levantine Arabian blood, die-hard defender of the legacy of the world's first socialist state, Marxist through and through. I'm also a great lover of the arts, nature, and the fairer sex.

Contrary to Comrade Szabo, I put my faith in the fact that a bonafide Hero of the Soviet Empire has returned to us, a testament to the invincibility and immortality of this site.

Comrade Marshal Konev, Welcome Home.

Post 04 Jan 2020, 22:11
Oh my goodness, what a pleasant surprise! Yes, welcome back Marshal Konev!
Post 06 Jan 2020, 04:33
Welcome back, comrade.
Post 07 Jan 2020, 04:57
Glad to have you back on board, Marshal!
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