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Post 21 Mar 2018, 17:07
Hi all

Thought I'd best introduce myself. I've been left-leaning for a long while but always of the more utopian/democratic socialist bent until recently - revolutionary socialism always struck me as a bit too keen to break eggs in making that omelette. But recently I've reassessed my position, partly due to the underwhelming actions of supposed democratic socialists like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders and partly from a greater understanding of bourgeois morality and how it is employed as a tool to protect the capitalist class.

So one thing I'm eager to learn more about is the Soviet Union and other socialist states of the past (and present). I've always been a proponent of socialism but I've always subscribed to the truism that these examples were not proper socialist states and were ruled by despots for the sake of their cronies rather than the people. But reading a bit of Lenin at present and read a few things by Michael Parenti and thinking I've probably fallen prey to some western propaganda.

I guess I'm on this site to find out more from you much more knowledgeable folk!
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