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An Introduction

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Post 02 Aug 2016, 23:18
Hello everyone,
I have several odd fascinations. The base of most all my materialistic infatuations is that I like old and antique things. This lead me to buying an SKS as part of my collection of curio items, as much of my interest is focused on military items. Researching the SKS I found out about the Mosin, so I picked one up. This started my fascination with all things Soviet, or surrounding the Soviet Era. I'm not really a fan of Communism, I love my country's Republic. I honestly do not know what to expect here as far as political leanings are concerned, And I am not here to try to change anyone's views. But I do have a genuine interest in the Soviet Era and the Great Patriotic War and I thought that myself and my meager but growing collection of Soviet and Imperial Russian collectibles could find a home here, where I could learn more about them and share them with others that appreciate and understand this odd ball hobby of mine. I will post pictures when I have more time. Right now I'm only getting four hours of sleep before my shift so I need to get to bed. I hope we can all be friends and I cannot wait to contribute.
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Post 03 Aug 2016, 00:12
Welcome KW! I moved your intro to the appropriate forum, but feel free to share your collection or ask questions in the memorabilia section when you're up to it. Look forward to reading your posts!
Post 03 Aug 2016, 07:27
Thanks Soviet78! I've edited my post since it has been moved.
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