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Post 09 Jul 2016, 23:21
Hi comrades, or compagni, the italian term that derives from latin cum panis, that share their bread, like the members of a family with a common interest, that renunce to theirs self interest for humanity common cause, the constitution of humanistic society, communism. I'm Italian and after fideistic's delusion's I approached left wing ideas during glorius resistance of greek people against troika imperialism. After the failure and the betrayal of Syriza socialfascism I'm interested myself in a fist moment to new left and after to marxism leninism. For a long time I was of kke line but in this moment i'm oriented to the line of Labour party of Koryo and north korea socialism is my point of reference, knowing that in 21 century china model isn't perfect but important(is a model created by Deng a revisionist tha attack vietnam people for national cause against internationalism and defended and sustained Afghanistns proxies of cia, curtailed social rights of chineses, but is true that his reform are partly useful and that for Fidel china is the proof of socialism success and a strong antimperialist power that undermine the unjust division of labour).
Post 10 Jul 2016, 17:43
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