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Comradely Greeting

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Post 28 Mar 2016, 15:04
Hello !

Comradely greetings from the UK. A Marxist-Leninist here with interest in learning more, political organizing and increasing theoretical knowledge.

Particular interest in the works of Stalin, Lenin and obviously Marx.

Thanks comrades
Post 29 Mar 2016, 02:12
i can't believe your username was still available. lol welcome comrade.
Post 29 Mar 2016, 05:00
Welcome to SE, the Stalinist hub of the Internet.

Perhaps Comrade Vremya will appear on the horizon next?
Post 29 Mar 2016, 17:30
Communists in UK may appear to be fragile but we're half-of-the-population strong. We have comrades in the Royal Family. Of course, it would be insane to mention their names. The disgruntled ones! Welcome to SE, comrade! and may you always have a nice day!
Post 29 Mar 2016, 18:44
thanks for your warm welcome!

I am also surprised this name was still free - surprised and happy!
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