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Socialist Greetings!

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Post 28 Mar 2016, 00:27
'Sup ?

Name's Anastasia, from Spain (Seville) though currently live out of the country, I'm a twenty five year old lesbian who has been an anti-revisionist Marxist-Leninist for quite some years now. I'm chums with Maoists, can't stand much anarchists or generic brand M-Ls -- and that's about it, really!
Post 28 Mar 2016, 03:25
Welcome to S-E comrade. Nice to have you.
Post 28 Mar 2016, 03:28
Welcome to SE, Bunker. There's a wide variety of opinions on this site, although we are known as the "Stalinist hub of the Internet." Feel free to contribute to the discussions!
Post 28 Mar 2016, 03:31
Hi Nastya.
Post 28 Mar 2016, 10:06
Same with me here. Anti-revisionist. We do it by the book. Welcome to SE.
Post 28 Mar 2016, 14:46
Thanks to everyone!
Post 28 Mar 2016, 15:06
hello comrade
Post 31 Mar 2016, 04:27
Welcome to the board.
There are definitely several likeminded people here.

In my case, whether I'm a Maoist or a generic-brand M-L is sort of complicated. I regard Mao's later reign as a series of opportunistic betrayals of the labor movement, while also recognizing the huge progress that was made under him even into the 60s. Some Maoists agree, some hold what I view as a more hero-worship-y view of him.

Whichever you fall into, I look forward to chatting. Whether it's as an ally or a sparring partner.
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