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Hello to Everyone

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Post 16 Mar 2016, 08:42

My name is Sumit Sharma. I a from New Delhi, India. I lie to say hello to all members.
Post 20 Mar 2016, 20:04
Mahatma Gandhi wrote:
The devotion of such titans of spirit as Lenin to an ideal must bear fruit. The nobility of his selflessness will be an example through centuries to come, and his ideal will reach perfection.

Post 20 Mar 2016, 22:26
Welcome to SE!
Post 21 Mar 2016, 01:41
Welcome and may our posts always brighten your day!
Post 21 Mar 2016, 05:29

Thanks to all for the warm welcome.
Post 21 Mar 2016, 07:05

What are your thoughts on India's Maoist movement and the state of the left in your country?
Post 26 Mar 2016, 20:05
hey, kesa hebe, sala? welcome
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