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Post 13 Mar 2016, 20:00
Hello. I thought I should write a brief post here. I just wanted to introduce myself. Chairman Mao is still here. OK, I exaggerate a bit. But I am a Maoist, and I am working on a materialist dialectical theory of knowledge based not only on Marx-Engels-Lenin, but also on Mao Tse-tung Thought.

And a big shout out of THANK YOU to whoever posted that anthology of Marx, Engels, and Lenin on Historical Materialism. That book will be of the ENORMOUS assistance to me on the above work that I am doing. If anyone has anything else they think would assist me, I would by all means be grateful indeed. I of course have many of Mao's works, and much of Marx and Engels, but little of Lenin.

So, a pleasure meeting all of you. I look forward to many fruitful conversations with all of you.
Post 15 Mar 2016, 02:51
Mao has the greatest achievements compared to other communist leaders and the least of 'casualties' as perceived by the enemies compared to others too, if you want to compare it with allegedly 'Stalin's bloody purge' because the masses love Chairman Mao. China's collective farms are the envy of agriculturists and biological scientists all over the world. Welcome to SE, Chairman Mao II.
Post 15 Mar 2016, 03:21
Thank you for your welcome, Lev. Iam of course inclined to agree with you re: Mao. I think that all told, he was a remarkable man. I mean, mistakes were made, and the famine was made worse than it needed to be, but he WAS a human being. I think that, although he was a bit flawed, like any person is, he fully deserves the admiration he gets from the Chinese People.

And when the death from the famine is calculated, it has to be remembered that even today, with our superior methods of counting people, during the 2010 Census, China's population was registered as 1.3 billion persons, GIVE OR TAKE 60 MILLION!

Put in simpler language, a population the size of France may or may not exist! In two words, Holy Crap! What the heck do you do with that kind of figure?! I mean, the dead from the famine were supposed to be about 30 million. But China may or may not have a population in it the size of France! So how many DID die?

Just think about that. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. Perhaps you can start a thread in the appropriate place. Or the censors can move this if they like.
Post 15 Mar 2016, 03:55
I was confident in my post in lieu of the fact that I thought you are Jose Maria Sison, former Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines. You see, we stand up for each other. He saved my life so many times ranging from tipping off assassins from the coup plotters of AFP to hiding me from fascist dictators like Marcos. I hope you have a nice day
Post 15 Mar 2016, 06:06
Well, I may not be the former Chairman of the CPP, & I may be duly willing to criticize Mao when I think he erred, but that doesn't change the fact that he is a true hero of the People. As for having your back, don't worry, Comrade. We may constructively criticise & self criticise, but I've got your back, as I trust you have mine.
Post 26 Mar 2016, 19:57
There's an interesting biography written on Mao... one which people here dislike because it clashes with their idealistic view of Mao...
I found it revealing.
Post 02 May 2016, 21:00
Mao: The Unknown Story is Black Book of Communism-level trash, written like an "alien babies" tabloid and taken seriously by few historians. Even anti-communist ones. ... #Criticism

I have my own criticisms of Mao. I regard three worlds theory as a mess used to justify Mao's own opportunistic pivot towards America. I regard him as a hypocrite who cut off the Cultural Revolution when it started to threaten him, probably also the reason for Lin Biao's death. And I regard the Cultural Revolution as poorly managed from the start in rural provinces, where it led to killing doctors and teachers, because of Mao's kneejerk desire to have it as decentral as possible.

But that said, the Cultural Revolution was also the most serious anti-bureaucratic effort in the history of any socialist-led state. The pace of development was probably unnecessarily fast which caused numerous unneeded deaths, but it did take a feudal backwater and turn it into a near-modern capitalist state with the (however ossified, bureaucratic, and corrupt) infrastructure for transition to socialism.

Also, welcome.
From a semi-Maoist.
Post 15 May 2016, 23:24
so your own ciriticism of mao is more relevant than a whole book written about mao?
can you give me some more pointers in life then, please?
Post 16 May 2016, 00:13
EdvardK wrote:
so your own ciriticism of mao is more relevant than a whole book written about mao?
can you give me some more pointers in life then, please?

I was mostly showing, no, I am not part of any cult of personality like you seem to think we all are. And that there is a difference between "good criticisms" and "just any fragging criticisms." But I would argue my critique of Mao is more substantive and relevant from a communist perspective than a trashy National Enquirer-esque tabloid, yes.

"A whole book" does not make it quality. This book is regarded even by anti-communist historians as trash.

Pointer: quit trolling and actually engage in substantive discussion. That's why we're here. We are not here to behave like 13 year olds who just discovered porn and 4chan.
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