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Silence: The most effective form of propaganda

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Post 21 May 2017, 08:32
The first job of the propagandist is to keep us in the dark -- to cut off our air supply, to cut off our access to alternative news and views, to ridicule and silence everything but the official approved Establishment narrative, so that we have no choices, no alternatives, no opportunities to compare, no need to think for ourselves.

If someone has the temerity to deviate from the approved Establishment narrative, the trolls who are paid to police the forums of the West will swarm over that person, screeching furiously at the heretic, ridiculing the person's message and drowning it out, all of this done under the guise of "Protecting" us from "Propaganda".

These insidious "Protectors" are our true enemies. They rail against heresy, dissidence, alternative views, content that broadens and enlivens the mind, and feed us, instead, a steady diet of poisonous cliches, cliches that narrow and numb the mind..


(Image: Trolls of legend lived in the dark; today Internet trolls strive to keep us all in the dark)

The propagandist creates an absence of information. He propagandizes by omission and concealment. When CNN covered Syria, for example, it aired only news from anti-government sources; the perspective of the Syrian majority was suppressed. Similarly, today, our media banish the vast majority of Russians while letting a demented fringe "Opposition" speak for the whole country.

The British-Canadian media mogul Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken) was once asked to name the most powerful weapon in the media's arsenal. "Silence!" he said, without hesitation. The truest form of propaganda is silence, censorship -- saying too little, not saying too much.


(Image: Lord Beaverbrook, the power of silence)

That is why the trolls screech constantly about "Conspiracy Theorists", "Russian Trolls", "KremTrolls", "Putin Trolls", etc.: They are trying to denigrate and shut out alternative voices. The Establishment needs a poisonous monopoly on information and perspective to get us to buy its wars. It needs its stranglehold to be airtight.

I am revolted when I see these corrupt arrogant "Protectors" appointing themselves as our arbiters, telling us what we should and should not read. They are a lot like Hitler's beer-hall brawlers.
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