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Dead Lenin Cake?

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Post 19 Mar 2014, 21:23
What on earth were they thinking? Cakeā€¦ ... CEYQhBwwCA
Post 19 Mar 2014, 21:49
Good old honest bread was good enough for the workers...
Post 20 Mar 2014, 19:06
Nice cake. I suppose that it's easier to make Lenin like that than standing.
Post 03 Jun 2014, 13:43
I think I would feel wired to eat of it and won`t eat anything...Reminds me of the Wedding Cake I once saw. It was a wedding cake of a bride: ... 68x646.jpg I think she and the guests feeled wired too "eating her".

I would prefer perhabs a big red Star or something else, but somehow not a person.
Post 03 Jun 2014, 21:26
Man are there some weird people out there. Not that I'm one to talk. Funny as hell all the same.
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