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Post 15 Sep 2004, 04:44
Im looking for a good version of the hymn of the soviet union and the internet wont let me get them without paying:P I was wondering if any of you have sum links?
Post 15 Sep 2004, 04:50
Post 15 Sep 2004, 06:34
Site is good and FREE. Enjoy it comrade.
Post 15 Sep 2004, 16:07
Post 18 Sep 2004, 21:52
The highest quality version is by the Red Army Chorus, but only if you like the most recent Russian version (ie, destalinized.)

This is a great website for Russian anthems.
Post 19 Sep 2004, 11:58
The Anthem is very beautiful, musically very well crafted.
Post 03 Dec 2004, 03:16
Help! I need to get sound files for the national anthem of soviet Russia under the rule of Lenin, Stalin, etc. Can someone please give me a list of sites to vist.
Post 03 Dec 2004, 03:34
Post 03 Dec 2004, 04:04

Soviet-Empire has it's own links too.
Post 03 Dec 2004, 16:09
Best places to go: ... oviet.html
The is my favourite place to go. Lots of Soviet songs.
Post 14 Dec 2004, 01:35
Wow, thanks for these links you guys! I have always loved songs of the Revolution (anyone else have "Moonlight over Moscow?
), and these sites are a wealth of art and information, and even some english translations of great songs, for those of us who haven't progressed as far in our russian studies
Thanks again, comrades!
Post 14 Dec 2004, 16:45
I have it on my hard drive. Perhaps u can pm me your MSN...
Post 23 Sep 2011, 20:48
edit: just organizing threads.

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