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All of my sigs, in chronological order

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Post 16 Aug 2004, 05:59
Yes, I’ve decided to dig through my photobucket album and put together a nice little compilation of all of my Sigs, from oldest to newest. I’m sure most of you have seen some of them in various places (including the ones I gave to other people), but here they are nevertheless. Ironically, my own signature on SE is not my own doing, it was done by Socialist-BLUE-Gonzo at PoFo. But I do have to warn you, these are very terrible and are quite amateur in their design.

My very first sig, from when my username was ‘Hammer N’ Sickle’ if anyone can remember that far back:

The first time I tried to combine multiple pictures. The result? Not to good:

One I did for Comrad Sp00ky (as if you couldn’t tell):

I made this one for some guy on PoFo:

First sig I made with Adobe Photoshop CS, mocks the joke Nair and wheelchairman made awhile back:

The following are larger because they were not made for this forum.

My version of PoFo’s ‘Sig Police’

My admin. Sig for my own forum:

Another Sig made for Comrad Sp00ky:

One I did for Red Revolucion:

My newest one, for wheelchairman (I see he has tried to resize it for SE):

I have no idea why anyone likes that last one…

I also have made some other graphics but they aren’t Sigs so they don’t appear on this list. I’ll probably make a few more for the fun of it soon. I’ll post them here when I do.
Post 16 Aug 2004, 06:43
Very nice, thanx again for doing a sigfor me.
Post 16 Aug 2004, 08:37
tried? Are you saying I failed?
Post 16 Aug 2004, 09:13
Not at all, my apologies if it came off that way. But I do think the writing looks to small and the picture looks pixilated after you resized it. That's basically what I meant.

Sorry again if I aroused some animosity but interpret it as you will. No offense intended.
Post 16 Aug 2004, 11:21
nah I was just blancmanging with your mind, don't worry about it.
Post 16 Aug 2004, 13:01
They all look good.

I don't suppose you could make one for me?
Post 16 Aug 2004, 22:36
Merlov, I'll make one for you. But you're going to have to tell me what you whould like to have in it. Please be specific.
Post 17 Aug 2004, 02:51
I like all of your sigs.. and the one you have now is exellent!!
Post 21 Aug 2006, 22:50
My freind was talking about this indin air force base with a sign over it saying "When youre out of MiGs, youre out of Luck" or something like that. Anyway, it inspired me to make a MiG SiG. or two....


Post 23 Aug 2006, 00:54
They're great! mind if I use one?
Post 23 Aug 2006, 04:19
these sigs are cool,, I think they take up a lotta room in the forums but, the good thing is you can separate posts easier with them....
Post 28 Aug 2006, 23:33
Go right ahead, Che Burashka. nice name. I dont understand a word of that show, and its still funny.
Post 30 Aug 2006, 20:19
I would like a sig with the words "Red Alert Communist", the Red Alert USSR logo and a screenshot of a heated battle on the side(scanlines on that part please!).
Post 01 Sep 2006, 20:07
No one can do that?
Post 01 Sep 2006, 21:56
What game would you prefer?
Post 01 Sep 2006, 22:16
Red Alert 1, much better game.
Post 01 Sep 2006, 22:33
Bah, Red Alert 2 had more original units.
Post 02 Sep 2006, 18:01
Red Alert 1, much better game.

Is that so?
Post 02 Sep 2006, 18:04
What game would you prefer?

if you ask an open ended question.....

Is that so?

then don't be surprised by the answer.
Post 02 Sep 2006, 20:35
I haven't played Red Alert, so I'm merely curious.
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