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Hat mixup

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Post 06 Feb 2016, 20:04
I recently bought a Soviet officer hat from and it is interestinf as it is marked as being made in 1973, but it appears to be an M55 model rather than a M69, with a small fibreboard visor, a relatively small crown and oil cloth chin strap.
It came with a one-piece M69 officer's parade cockade with leaves, but not sure if it's original.

I am wondering if its common to find M55 model hats made so long after 1969? All comparisons with other 69 caps (from the 80s) seem to indicate it is a different model as the wool band is a lot shorter and the crown is around 3cm smaller in diameter and 2cm shorter. It has got the long 'tail' of a M69 but I am not sure if the older model had this too.

Any information about it would be appreciated as I like to know about the items in my collection.
I have considered the possibility the manufacturing date is 1963 as the paint has mostly faded and so I have to shine a light on it to see the impression on the oil cloth, but it looks mostly like a 73.
Post 26 Feb 2016, 18:54
I discovered the cap is a "transitional" piece, retaining the ww2 style band and visor but with the larger M69 top.
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