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Post 10 Aug 2014, 00:23
Hi all,

I'm new here :-). I looked around a bitt and I really like the forum!

A few weeks ago I bought a cap in Hungary. The seller on a flea market claimed it was a Hungarian communist cap from the 1945-1950's.
The pin on the cap looks like the one in the link ... (1949-1956).svg/500px-Coat_of_arms_of_Hungary_(1949-1956).svg.png

But a bitt different. Don't know how to upload pictures here so I will describe it.

Hungarian flag at the bottom, wheat at both sides, red star is in the middle (blue background) and on top of it there is a red flame similar to the flames on the Young Pioneers pins.

Is there someone who has more information about this pin? I can find similar ones on the web, but always without the flames on top...

Not sure if it is all real or fake, but the cap is grey with a thin red line and a black belt .

I hope someone is out there who can give me some more information :-)
Post 10 Aug 2014, 12:51
Use the link in this post to upload your picture.

Just make sure the picture is less than 250 kB. After you've uploaded the picture, simply copy paste the picture signature onto a new post and voilĂ .

That's how I always do it.
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