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I got my first few flags today

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Post 01 Dec 2013, 03:23

I honestly don't know what to get next other than Cuba and Vietnam
Post 01 Dec 2013, 04:32
Cuba and Vietnam are the obvious choices. I assume you wanted to line your walls with them, so how many did you think you'd need?

The DDR flag is a pretty stylish one imo: ... ermany.svg
Post 01 Dec 2013, 05:53
AH! The DDR is a good choice, thank you!
Post 09 Jan 2014, 21:50
I have a DDR flag. They're pretty boss.

I wanna buy a Vietnamese flag too, but I can't decide between VietCong and Vietnam's actual flag. Also been looking for a DRA flag but that's been a bitch.
Post 16 May 2014, 19:18
My soviet flag hangs in the bedroom right under the bed. Feels ones heart with pride when you're boning the wife under the hammer and sickle.

Want a DDR one as well, but not sure where to put it. Always loved the design.
Post 20 Jun 2014, 09:22
I would love to have this flag, but it is very expensive :-( ... 4_kw6t.jpg
Post 06 Nov 2014, 00:40
Could anyone help with the translation? ... baqr23.jpg
Post 06 Nov 2014, 03:39
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