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M1956 Stahlhelm. Swag.

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Post 24 May 2013, 05:55
I just ordered one of those DDR Helmets. Linear and everything. I am going to be the coolest cat in town.

I always loved the helmet. It reminded me of the Imperial Engineers from Star Wars (AKA The Death Star Firing scene).
Post 24 May 2013, 06:24
That is not appropriate Loz. This isn't Mir.
Post 24 May 2013, 14:16
Personally I would be somewhat embarrassed to walk around in an old army helmet, even on an appropriate occasion (ex. Victory Day around these parts).

Also, to me the East German helmet is also not so dissimilar from the rebel helmet -i.e.

Post 24 May 2013, 16:24
It looks similar to everything I suppose. I read that was even the reason it was chosen. Apparently, it was similar to Soviet helmets.
Post 27 May 2013, 14:23
That particular helmet was actually designed in Nazi Germany in the last years of the war.
But seriously, are you really going to wear a helmet on the street? That's level 80 autism.
Post 28 May 2013, 04:06
I know it was originally designed in the 40s.

Also. No. I am not going to run through the streets. ha ha It was joke. But if I ever get a motorcycle, I will use it as a helmet. 'Cause other headgear is lame.
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