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Could some one please Value this for me

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Post 04 Feb 2013, 04:53
Hey every one I am new here, did not know these sites existed

Anyway I visit Ukraine a lot, as you can imagine I come across a lot of cool stuff especially when I go to the villages (they like to horde USSR stuff for no reason) but im no expert and was wondering if you could tell me how much would this badge be worth, its a Major Generals or similiar rank - 36.2 mm wide 1935 - 1940

I do not own this badge but I have seen these exact ones in Lyviv.



Post 04 Feb 2013, 07:46
Can't be worth much.
Post 04 Feb 2013, 08:49 Im sure it is because of its measurements its a red star made for the a Division Commander otherwise know as Major General, similar Stars where made for other ranks but smaller in size. if you can find any of these original grab them. I just need to find out the price on this particular one
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