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Soviet Headgear Collection

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Post 24 Dec 2011, 08:56
Greetings, Comrades.

I'm new to this board and a quick introduction - I'm from Singapore and have developed an interest in Soviet history a couple of years ago. Last year, I took up a hobby in collecting Soviet headgear which add to my appreciation of the Soviet culture and history.

I'd post my introduction in the Introductions section but I thought I'd start with my stuff at the same time as well.

My Facebook is currently the most convenient for me. I couldn't find any rules against this but apologies if there are, let me know and I'll find another place to upload.
Post 24 Dec 2011, 12:15
Welcome to SE Gonarhxus

That's a nice looking collection you've got there.

You can just embed the images from your facebook page in the page here (if you're not comfortable with strangers looking at your facebook page).

Like this for example:

Hope you like the site.
Post 26 Dec 2011, 00:08
I'm ok with the Facebook thing. Not a lot of memorabilia collectors on this forum?
Post 26 Dec 2011, 00:14
Not really... there are quite a few.

It's just a quiet couple of days.
Post 25 Feb 2012, 13:27
Great collection! Some of the more intricately designed hats are especially beautiful. Do they differ by rank or something? I just love the gas mask gear too. I think I'll post my collections of soviet era items as well. Not too many places where people appreciate such things anyway.
Post 01 Mar 2012, 15:08
Yup it depends on the rank and uniform (which depends on the time period). Like the parade uniform for a Marshal of the Soviet Union would be the most intricate and ornamental.
I only have 3 parade caps and one is for Generals/Marshals, the other for a Senior Officer. The handmade gold-plated wire embroidery is always impressive. It gets me every time...gotta look at it under a glass. ^.^

Post 01 Mar 2012, 16:57
I didn't notice that the pictures have descriptions on your Facebook page. I just read them. You actually have soviet gear of Marshal rank?! Very impressive! Thanks for sharing your collection with all of us. They're very beautiful. I'm guessing they must have cost you quite a lot.
Post 01 Mar 2012, 23:02
Thank you! Indeed it has cost a lot though not much at all compared to many WWII/uniform/decorations and other advanced collections. Mine is still very humble.

Also, the "Marshal" cap is for General and Supreme Officers. That is from Major Generals to Chief Marshals. The "Marshal of the Soviet Union" is the next higher position (and the military's highest in the Union) which is another rank altogether. There are a lot of things to collect from the Soviet times - decorations, uniforms, cameras, flags, firearms...etc. One thing I like about headgear is that on a uniform, the decorations, tunic, belt and boots are all "topped off" by the cap on the wearer's head. Like a bottle cap.

Most collectors like to focus only on the WWII period or exclusively military headgear or helmets, visor caps, gas masks...etc but I hope to cover the whole Soviet period (from 1922 to 1991) as much as I can, including both the military and civil areas. It's a pretty serious hobby, in other words.
Post 01 Mar 2012, 23:21
Gonarhxus wrote:
It's a pretty serious hobby, in other words.

You better believe it. It does take dedication but in the end it's worth it. I never regret paying money for a piece of genuine soviet work. I regret many times for not expanding my collection when I had the financial means to do so. I instead spent it on other junk capitalists advertise all too well they even fooled a dedicated communist such as myself!
Post 01 Mar 2012, 23:30
XD I feel the same way too involving the"expanding" and "capitalist junk" and I think you've best described how it's like. Those around me think it's a load of wasted dosh but that's only because they do not understand the appreciation and value in my eyes.
Post 01 Mar 2012, 23:39
That's exactly why I rarely show my collection to anyone. Most people won't understand items of historic importance. In our consumer world nowadays people are more concerned about their next car and their next pair of Armani Jeans while others are just trying to make rent. Yeah well there's always Soviet Empire right?
Post 02 Mar 2012, 00:48
:/ Indeed. It's upsetting. I'm lucky to have a real life friend though who went to the same school as me, and collects the same kinda stuff, mostly helmets and visor caps from East Germany. Where I'm from, I didn't expect to run into any similar collectors.
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