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Anyone have some USSR or GDR cash?

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Post 29 Aug 2011, 04:21
As an item of curiosity, does anyone have either soviet era money (coins or bills) or east german money, they might be willing to part with ?
Post 29 Aug 2011, 04:29
I have this:

No idea of its real trade value.
Post 29 Aug 2011, 04:32
hm, Im not really a coin collector at all, just looking for a few curiosities. That looks very nice though. Looks like an olympic coin?
Post 29 Aug 2011, 04:50
Moved to an adequate forum. - Che B.
Post 29 Aug 2011, 04:53
ah sorry. Thanks for the move!
Post 21 May 2012, 13:42
I have some soviet ruble bills and a 1928 silver 10 kopeck coin.
Post 21 May 2012, 18:23
I have to say I find it paradoxical to the point of cynicism that you'd want to remember socialism by its cash...
Post 22 May 2012, 02:01

No worse that Soviet weapons and military paraphernalia though. Easier to collect too I'd imagine.
Post 22 May 2012, 04:28
Its a reminder that there's no such thing as a struggle half won.
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