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why couldnt they keep the hammer and sickle

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Post 19 May 2014, 06:11
I'm immature for saying this but, Russias new flag sucks. Was that necessary?

They could have had a red white and blue flag with a hammer and sickle for christ sake! Their flag is so depressing and an insult and degradation of the motherland.
Post 19 May 2014, 08:25
The tricolor was used by the Nazi quislings in WW2 no, so that with a h&s would have been even more of a blasphemy. It's ridiculous how post-communist countries reverted to ugly feudal-age symbols instead of modernized ones ( that Russian two-headed chicken, the Serbian one that even got a crown and so on ).
Post 19 May 2014, 10:57
The Hammer and Sickle is a Communist symbol more than a Russian one. As much as I would love to see the H&S flying over Russia again, it doesn't mean much on its own

As long as Communism was being pursued in Russia it was an appropriate flag, but I don't want them using it now personally - if they're not even slightly Communist they're just bringing disrepute to an important symbol of the worker's movement. Let them bring disrepute to their own symbols frankly.
Post 19 May 2014, 13:25
Agreed with Shig;

In connection with this: I may have mentioned this elsewhere, but I have noticed in these latest May 9th celebrations that there is definitely an attempt being undertaken to manipulate symbology associated with the victory, and to dissociate from communism and the Soviet state (absurd as this may sound).



Needless to say, these new symbols are blasphemous, and if they are to continue being used (which they probably will) will only serve to further the schizophrenization of Russian society.
Post 20 May 2014, 21:59
I personally think it may subconsciously bring people back to the glory of the True Mother Russia

Do you think people were more motivated before Communism fell?
Post 20 May 2014, 23:20
Are you trolling or just fresh out of RT comments section and Red Alert fan sites?
Jesus Christ.
Post 21 May 2014, 02:25
Hey s78, what does the first picture say?

Also, OP, I don't think you really understand what the hammer and sickle symbolizes. It's not about Russia, or any nation, it's about worker and peasant power, and "the proletariat has no fatherland", as Marx said in the Manifesto. You're like falling for cold war propaganda in an inverted way.
Post 21 May 2014, 03:04
I agree the new Russian Flag is indeed terrible.

The Hammer and Sickle however belongs to Socialists. Sadly Russia is no longer socialist so using the USSR flag would be misleading and innapropriate.
Post 21 May 2014, 07:12
Mabool, directly, "The world/peace has been upheld/defended. We remember, we are proud, we live."
Post 16 Jan 2015, 05:27
There was an amusing period from 1991-1993 where you had Yeltsin delivering speeches to the Supreme Soviet of Russia (with the hammer and sickle coat of arms) on how wonderful capitalism was, 'cause they didn't totally changes the names and imagery yet.

Transnistria is infamous for being the only country nowadays with a hammer and sickle on its flag, although that just serves as a middle-finger to Moldova and an identification with Russia and the Soviet-era treatment of Russians in the Moldavian SSR.
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