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Architectural art

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Post 03 Sep 2011, 20:40
This was never built but it is still an impressive piece of architectural heritage

Post 03 Sep 2011, 20:47
This building was supposed to be called "The Palace of the Soviets",but the construction was canceled.
Post 03 Sep 2011, 20:50
Here's another one, very impressive Mat Rodyna ... _Calls.jpg
Post 03 Sep 2011, 20:54
Za Rodinu! Za Stalina!

Anyway,we can't forget to mention the famous "Worker and Kolkhoz Woman" statue by Vera Muhina.

Post 03 Sep 2011, 22:49
It would be awesome if they had managed to at least get something built up for the Palace of the Soviets, even if it couldn't meet the imagined version in the picture. At least it would be better than rebuilding that church after the counter-revolution.

I've heard that there's some problems with the base of the Rodina Mat statue and that the Russian government was lacking funds to repair it. That's a bit of information that I picked up in one of the Russian history courses that I took, but I don't know the full details.

I didn't know they restored and put the Worker & Kolkhoz Woman statue back up. Pretty cool.
Post 04 Sep 2011, 01:51
I didn't know they restored and put the Worker & Kolkhoz Woman statue back up. Pretty cool.

It was restored last year. It's a few blocks away from the VNDKh.
The place is great. Not only the statue was restored, but the base is a copy of the old pavillion where it stood in the Paris International Exhibition of 1937. Inside the pavillion there's a museum of the statue's history, and then 2 floors of art and museum galleries.
It's really worth a visit. Everybody there was very happy to receive visitors when I went, because it was only a month after the restoration and muscovites didn't go much.
Post 04 Sep 2011, 07:47

Tatlin's Tower, it would of made an awesome HQ for the Comintern.
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