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I sent an email to certain person...

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Post 02 Mar 2018, 19:43
Hello everyone. Today as some of you know is the birthday of a certain man. A man that made an enormous impact in the world with his actions. A man who we all know pretty well at least by name. Well I remembered him on this very day and sent him an email. I will paste the email in here because I would like for you to also read it and weight in on it.

"Hello gorby,

I noticed today is your birthday. If you were someone else I might just congratulate you. But since you are an enemy of Soviet people and the person who betrayed the biggest alliance of Slavic nations ever ( which were as you probably know under the germanic turkish and hungarian oppression for a whole millenium before that ) for some change from CIA and nobel prize I will not do that. How do you feel after all these years of destroying great CCCP? Are you still proud of it? Are you still partying with your masonic buddies from The Club of Rome? Or are you still collecting money for your "foundations" from foreign masters that you srved as a general secretary of once proud CCCP? What happened with all the money from FIMACO affair? Do you still have some of it today? Or have you passed it onto your daughter? Do you have nightmares of all the terror that you are certainly aware of the Soviets people endured during 90s because of you and you Belazheva gang? Are you aware how many lives have you destroyed and how many Soviet girls became cheap western whores because of you? How about extreme ridicule that you put Russia to? Are you aware of the danger that you have managed to put your own country due to allowing Belazheva gang to destroy CCCP? Why did you willingly put Russia 30 years back economically? When did you became a man of faith and began secretly meeting Pope and other church bureaucrats? Tell me gorby do yo think some award awaits you once you die? Or a punishment? Where did you actually "study law" which made you think it was smart arranging enormously crucial contracts with NATO without anything being made in written form? Did you arrange in the same way destruction of CCCP? Or was it your good will and surprise present for CIA and your masonic lodge announcement of it on a Christmas day? Tell me gorby I am anxious to know and I await your answer. Therea are plenty of other questions on my mind... "

I sent an email to this man to I hope the admins will be reasonable and understand that this is copy of an email sent to him and will not erase this post.
Post 04 Mar 2018, 20:49
What do you think he will say in response?
Post 05 Mar 2018, 01:20
Post 20 Mar 2018, 18:26
Kirov wrote:
What do you think he will say in response?

No one has responded anythingto my email. No wonder actually. I wanted to provoke at least some answer but apparently no one is even able to give any kind of reply. Seems consistent with what gorbachev actually was in the past. Unconsiderate and careless. I really whish more people replied something constructively. Especially those from Slavic countries. There seems that this man is still some sort of partial taboo which really doesnt make sense considering plenty of his actions went unanswered.
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