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Possible Soc-Dem Takeover of California Democratic Party?

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Post 22 Jan 2017, 07:25
Even as Der Cheetofuhrer continues to dismantle every watchdog and transparency-safeguard organization in sight, some very interesting developments are taking place in California. Could Socialists be poised to take over the California Democratic Party?

The Hill wrote:
Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) turned out en masse at ordinarily sleepy party caucuses earlier this month, electing a slate of delegates who could be poised to take over the largest Democratic Party organization outside of Washington, D.C.

As final vote totals trickled in, Sanders backers claimed to have elected more than 650 delegates out of 1,120 available seats chosen at this month’s caucuses. Those delegates will choose the next state Democratic Party chairman, along with other party officials.

Sanders supporters say they hope to change the very nature of the Democratic Party.

I'm not ready to venture an opinion of my own just yet. I will say this is an incredibly encouraging development, one that that a party on the ropes could definitely benefit from.
Post 22 Jan 2017, 23:36
I posted about doing this back in 2008, right before Obama was elected. A lot of the Left has a knee-jerk reaction against working inside the Democratic Party. But working inside the DP doesn't mean you have to share the ideas of Obama or Clinton. You can outright put forward a socialist position and let them vote on it. And you'll have a better shot than in a general election. I'm glad to see that this has actually come to pass. Although it wasn't really though any organization but the force of Bernie Sanders.



The average far left organization usually has a more active presence locally as far as actually having active members and regular meetings than the Democratic Party has. If only that energy could be directed within institutions that actually have a chance of electoral victories.

On the ground, US Marxist parties are actually better organized than the Democratic or Republican parties. I did a lot of research about how the Democratic Party worked institutionally back in 2008 to see the viability of the Left taking it over. But I never learned about the above process, of how the local state caucus system in California works.
Post 24 Jan 2017, 02:51
Sander-izing the California party is the start of important change.

That being said, if it bogs down and doesn't extend to the party at the national level, it doesn't achieve much beyond confirming the usual right wing opinion of said state as "liberal la-la land", etc.

Meanwhile, the DNC oligarchy will fight change tooth and nail, portraying it as an attempt to "radicalize" the Party.

This is one fight the people need to win, although I have no clue how to influence the actual process.
Post 20 Feb 2017, 03:08
"Sander-izing the California party is the start of important change."
"This is one fight the people need to win"

Post 21 Feb 2017, 00:24
TheRedSpecter wrote:
"Sander-izing the California party is the start of important change."
"This is one fight the people need to win"


Purge the time-servers and elect some actual people-servers. I'm not saying it's 100 percent possible, but dumping the Clinton-Wasserman Schulz brigade is an excellent start.
Post 16 Mar 2017, 19:39
From what I just read , not only has Sanders inspired candidates to try to challenge the establishment from within the Democratic party , but also a number of more so left-wing progressives have abandoned the Democrats and gone over to the eco-socialist Green party . So it would seem that a left leaning upsurge is confronting neo-liberal Clintonism from multiple directions .
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