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Poll: Most Russians want return of USSR and socialism

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Post 28 Apr 2016, 05:49
I found this interesting article regarding a recent poll conducted in Russia.

A recent poll revealed that most Russians would like to see the return of the Soviet Union and socialism.

The majority of Russians polled in a recent study would prefer living under the Soviet Union and would like to see the socialist system and Soviet state restored.

According to the latest poll conducted by the Levada Center, over 50 percent of Russian citizens believe the collapse of the Soviet Union was bad and could have been avoided. Only 28 percent of the population surveyed feels positive about its collapse, while 16 percent were unable to answer such a complex question.

Apparently nostalgia for the Soviet Union is at an all-time high since 2000. What do comrades here think of this poll? Are conditions in Russia worsening to the point where there is more support for a return to socialism?

You can read the whole article here: ... alism.html
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