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A Quick Post About this Forum

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Post 11 Apr 2005, 12:49
When I came in to this forum today, I noticed how many topics I have locked, and how many I have been policing.

Thus, I thought it was time, to go over the groundrules again:

Introductory Note: The website and discussion forum are intended for use by those interested in discussing socialism, communism and the history thereof in a sensible and objective manner. The forum is for discussion and debate on these issues only and not for any other activity. Upon joining this forum, you are required to read, understand, and adhere to the following set of rules:


1. Respect the integrity of other forum members: Be civil and polite at all times, refrain from offensive characterizations against comrades, and direct your disagreements against opinions, not their adherents.

2. Do not use profanities or vulgar language: Refrain from vulgar characterizations and do not respond to others' profanities by retorting in the same manner.

3. Do not quote previous posts in their entirety: Where quoting is necessary, quote only the relevant passage of the post to which you are responding.

4. Do not double-quote: When quoting a passage from a post to which you are responding, always omit existing quotes within that passage unless they are specifically relevant to your point.

5. Provide links to external articles: Do not copy-paste complete external articles in your posts unless starting a new topic to which the sole purpose is to bring a particular article to people's attention.

6. Keep it short: This does not mean only make one-line replies. Keep your posts as short as practically possible by avoiding empty space and not including unnecessarily large quotes. Do not type out entire message using large text sizes. Only use large text for titles and headings.

7. Preview your posts: Preview your messages before posting and ensure their readability and grammatical accuracy. Do not tYpE lIkE tHiS. Do not type in ALL CAPITALS or all bold text.

8. Present your opinion: Before requesting other comrades' opinions on a given subject, present your own. No one will bother replying to single-sentence, unqualified remarks.

9. Use quote tags: Use the quote tags when quoting and identify the author where possible.

10. Help enrich the links section: Upon finding a worthwhile and relevant website do not start a new thread on the forum solely to bring it to others attention, instead submit links to the links section of the site.

11. Do not cross post: Posting the same article in multiple forums is prohibited, post an article once and be sure to place it in the most relevant forum. Never re-post something if it has been deleted by a moderator for whatever reason.

12. Never post - or post links to - pornography or warez: Obviously do not post illegal content.

13. Personal signatures must not be overly large: Text must not be larger than the forum's 'normal' text size. Do not include more than one image in your personal signature. Any image may not be more than 400 pixels wide and may not be more than 100 pixels high. Personal signatures may not contain URLs or hyperlinks to other websites.

14. Encourage compliance by others: Ensure other comrades' compliance to these regulations and recommendations by reminding them of their existence and by notifying the forum's moderators if your warnings are ignored.


Failure to comply with any of the above rules may result in your posts being deleted and/or your account being temporarily or permanently banned from the forums.

Now, I realize, some of these get bent a little now and then. I, as much as anyone else, will use a curse word here and there for instance, though I shouldn't.

However, these are the rules for the website.

For this forum, I feel I need to draw further attention to a few points:

1: I retain the right to deltete or lock topics as examples of what not to do. I will try to explain my reasoning.

2: This is Current Events. A topic will, naturally evolve as we go deeper in to it, but don't post something that doesn't start out as current events. One should post an article, a link, a comment, and let it go to discuss.

3: Avoid use of one-line responses.


That's about all for now, just keep an eye on things. Also remember, we are Marxists. I know many of you are young, but we are here to exchange ideas more, or as as much, as opinions and to grow from this exchange. It is always good to back yourself up when you present ideas, it provdes a foundation for your future struggles in all things, even beyond socio-political topics.

Good sources to start at:

Post 14 Feb 2007, 04:11
I have one thing I would like to add.

If you are going to post a current event, please have your own comment about the situation. This will help the discussions along.

Make sure your current event is current. I don't want to see three year old news articles posted as current events.

Please and thank you.
Post 14 Aug 2009, 03:39
One liners will no longer be tolerated lightly. Yellow cards and red cards will be issued for repeat offenders. Please be advised.

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