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T-40 Light Tank (amphibious)

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Post 28 Apr 2004, 16:05
T-40 Light Tank (amphibious)

The T-40 was part of a long series of tankette designs and was one of the main tankette types in service in 1940, it's main feature being that it was amphibious, though when World War Two arrived in Russia in 1941 the T-40 was useless against other tanks as it was armed with only a machine gun and as a result many T-40s were converted to Katyusha rocket launchers. A non-amphibious version of the tank was also designed that was simpler to produce and known as the T-40S but when this went into production it was re-designated T-60.


Crew: 2
Weight: 5,900 kg
Length: 4.11 m
Width: 2.33 m
Height: 1.95 m
Max speed: 44 km/h (on road)
6 km/h (on water)
Max range: 360 km (on road)
185 km (off road)
Engine: One GAZ-202 petrol
(52 kW)
Power-to-weight ratio: 8.81 kW/tonne
Vertical obstacle climb: 0.70 m
Gradient: 37.8 %
Trench crossing: 1.85 m
Fording Depth: Amphibious
Main armament: 12.7-mm DShK machine-gun
Secondary armament: One 7.62-mm DT machine-gun
Armour: 6-13 mm

Weapon specifications

Maximum range / Ammunition carried
12.7-mm DShK machine-gun : 4000 m / 550 rounds
7.62-mm DT machine-gun : 1000 m / 2016 rounds



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