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Unarmed Soldiers Sent to Battle

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Post 28 Apr 2017, 19:18
Me and my mom keep arguing about unarmed soldiers being sent to battle in WW2,
She is a former soviet citizen and she keeps telling me that a lot of veterans told her that some soldiers were sent into battle without a weapon, and if
they did have a weapon it had no ammunition..
In addition my friend keeps joking (since he is extremely against USSR and Socialism in general) that Stalin was an idiot for sending "naked" soldiers to battle without helmets for protection and weapons for fighting.

Now I completely disagree because it's really illogical if you think about it, the insane production USSR had just doesn't make sense why would Stalin leave some soldiers unarmed + the whole idea of was to defend the country why would he sent people who cannot fight?.

So, the question is did Stalin really send people who cannot fight into war?

(Also I'm almost 100% positive this was asked before, so sorry about making a new topic about it)

Post 03 May 2017, 10:03
Since origin the Communist movement was constantly been supressed by the Rich and powerful. Under circumstances in which the movement was under the threat of being anihilated compromises had to be made on ideals in all the frameworks. They were also been put to use by individuals like Stalin and Mao for personal gains. In WW2 while the Soviets had to face serious set back Civilians had to be sent to fight in the war forcefully. They were also not able to have necessary armes and ammunitions. But this let the Soviet army survive to win another day. If the Soviets were not able to defeat the Nazis the world would have been under the rule of Slavers of Nazi Germany(vastly oppresing much more than todays corporates)
Post 04 May 2017, 00:16
It isn't, the myth (and at this point more of a meme) was th result of confusion by amateur historians. The lore has been sourced to Alfred Knox's memoir, With the Russian Army: 1914-1917, which is about World War One, and was at some point confused with World War Two by not very bright people.
Some quotations:

Hope that helps.
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