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A Communist equvalent of the S.S

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Post 05 Jun 2004, 00:51
Remember the S.S? The 'shock troops' of the Fascist beast.

They were indoctrinated with the fascist/National Socialist ideology, and were feirce fighters.

Let's just say you got to head a revolution in your country, leading the marxist army that would liberate the people. The soldiers, volunteers, ordinary people, communists, socialists, and even just progressives and people who simply want a better life.

How would you want it?

I would want them to be ideologically driven. I would merge the ideology of Marxist-Leninism and Buddhism. Both because I'm buddhist and I think the two ideas are very similar and compatible.

Like the S.S of Nazi Germany, my Red Army should be totally committed to 'the cause' and passionately beleive in it.

Among other things, I would aloow non-heterosexuals in the force and greaty discorouge homohpobia, etc. And even allow relationships between soldiers. Oh, and allow women of course. And all races.

I'd also want my Red Army to use weapons that do not kill. That, when the bullet, or whatever, enters the body, the opponent becomes unconcious for a certain period. And weapons used against vheichles, ships, planes and taks eliminated the weapons trigger.

That way, the Marxist force does not kills, beleives in compassion, equality, communism, etc.

What about you?
Post 05 Jun 2004, 00:56
all what you say is ok but i wouldnt include any religion, religion can create too many disputes etween people and i would not push them too much into ideological stuff just a little but without stressing and annoying them, i would give them more freedoms than SS soldiers had and actual soldiers do, i would give them some vacation like 3 months of work 3 weeks of vacation and then 3 months of work again and vacation again to make them relax and dont get obsessed into training and military stuff, then i would make special training for the 3 last months to get them ready for war and this being repeated for 2 years and then change the training, vacation&work days to dont make it all repetitive, and all the other stuff doesent get into my mind right now, thats the basic stuff^^
Post 05 Jun 2004, 02:24
Buddhism isn't a religion though. Religion is a belief in a single or number of gods. Buddhishm is a athestic philosophy.
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Post 05 Jun 2004, 02:41
stills, it can create discussions and thats what we dont want.
Post 06 Jun 2004, 08:04
It sounds more like you are preparing crack baby-sitting forces, rather than an elite killing squad. Non-lethal weapons?? Ridiculous. To properly instill fear into the hearts of the counter-revolutionary elements, any sort of "Socialist Shock Troops" would need to kill, at the very least. Religion, or any sort of "philosophy"(other than one of strict Maxism), would be absolutely forbidden. These would be the soldiers of the vanguard of the Revolution, they would need to be living examples of how the model citizen should be in the future Worker's State That means no religion, of any kind. Of course allow people of all races, sex, and sexual long as they have the ability to kill the enemies of the Proletariat, and the drive to be the heroes of the Revolution, then by all means, let them prove themselves on the field of battle! I, for one, will be proud when my brothers and sisters in arms are slaughtering the mercenary armies of the bourgeoisie, in the final assault on capitalism!

Post 06 Jun 2004, 17:19
I am largely with Merlov for this one. Its important that the communist soldier is an honourable soldier. Though the non lethal weapons is going a bit far, but they could be considered for peace keeping operations. Or if against largely inferior forces.

I myself, though not a soldier am not unfamiliar with fighting and violence. Everyone gets into a fight every now and again and when I do I focus all my anger against the enemy. Yet otherwise I believe in humane and compassionate values, it does not detract from fighting spirit.
Post 06 Jun 2004, 21:08
Heavily Armed , Imposing, Armored Soldiers equiped with a Heavy Machine Guns, (impractical but backpack fed hand held gatling gun?? mow down enemies of the state) that are on all sorts of performace boosting drugs to make them last longer. plus with all sorts of kevlar or a lighter more effective equivelant...would make the ultimate terror trooper.

if you could not stop something with a clip of ammo...I think you'd be scared too.
Post 08 Jun 2004, 05:44
YES! Performance enhancing drugs...I nearly forgot! In the heat of battle, having all your soldiers jacked up on PCP would be quite formidable, indeed.

Post 08 Jun 2004, 07:23
You need:

Pacifists to act as shields or else the revolution will be bombarded from air and sea before it begins

You need to have crack soldiers who will win in any circumstances. Backing them up, you need a propaganda campeign that will show them as the workers who have been brought to the brink and now have nothing else to lose (this will be true).

You then need to have a large group of 'occupying' soldiers. These soldiers would be your babysitters and made up mostly of workers who have been liberated.

Religion has no place in the current order (How long ago was it when Machiavelli warned future rulers not to mix church and state?) let alone the socialist order that is to follow. Would I advocate opressing religon? Nay, this fans the flames.

It would be a nonissue. Speaking of it would not be tolerated as it divides your forces along delusional lines instead of uniting them on factual lines. There would be no chaplins, no dog tags with religons listed on them.

And, comrade, I mean no disrespect, but I would argue Buddhism isn't any more compatible with socialism than a religion built by a carpenter and a bunch of worker fishermen who rallied the masses against the rich...And see how well that worked out?

Post 08 Jun 2004, 22:51
Buddism is better than Christianity, it is more tolerant and open. Christianity is heavily influenced by the Old Testament reactionary scriptures, and many (particularly from the political right) Christians draw on its wrathfullness when it suits them.

I'm no buddist, but any rational marxist should be able to realise that it is better than the religions 'of the book'. Though I dont think the state should promote it, if comrades want to be buddist (or left wing Christian) I have no gripes with it, its just their thing.
Post 09 Jun 2004, 00:10
i would say allow buddists and not christains but since that would anger people BAN EM ALL and after a generation the people will lose their ties to it
Post 09 Jun 2004, 00:38
This is red army forum. We do not discuss about religions here. If you guys want to start a new thread about religion do it on another forum. Thx
Post 09 Jun 2004, 00:57
My bad, I had begun to digress! My point is buddism or no buddism, the Red Army should be an honourable and compassionate army. (Particularly to neutrals caught on the wrong side). Remember, communism is the highest of the humanistic ideals, so lets fight with honour and treat people with respect (unless they are far right).

Still, soldiers need a good education. Blood lust in battle should be punished. The good man should remain better than that, and attack only the evil.
Post 09 Jun 2004, 01:11
Post 10 Jun 2004, 00:33
My concept works best for Terror Troopers.
Post 10 Jun 2004, 15:43
To those who might wonder, I've come to the conclusion I personally want mainly just a Buddhist army because I'm scared of the RA creating blood-lusting monsters.

If you follow the philosophy of say Buddhism, it would be pretty hard even for war, to make you a monster. In my view.
Post 10 Jun 2004, 20:37
Merlov, my Buddhist friend, will you please stop posting controversial bullshit about Red Army? It hurts my feelings, you know. Thanks...
Post 10 Jun 2004, 20:46
Merlov wrote:
To those who might wonder, I've come to the conclusion I personally want mainly just a Buddhist army because I'm scared of the RA creating blood-lusting monsters.

If you follow the philosophy of say Buddhism, it would be pretty hard even for war, to make you a monster. In my view.

Do you know Sun Tzu (Sunzi)? If you have read his oeuvre "The art of war" and if you know that this book has to read by soviet generals... you wouldn't write such a bullshit!
Post 11 Jun 2004, 01:26
Buddism or no buddism soldiers and generals still get out of order at times. Look at feudal japan, even amongst clans with strong buddist links, they would be pretty nasty when it came to the crunch.

The thing is though, I agree with Merlovs concerns about having decent men as soldiers. To believe in a compassionate army is a noble ideal, I wouldnt term that aspect as 'bullshit'. Under communism, we are idealists. We believe in decent and humanistic ideals that respect people. The communist army, should be the most honourable and decent army the world has ever seen. Not just in its conduct against the enemy (after the battle) , but in its conduct to civilians, prisoners and its conduct towards its own side. Its own troops and citizens. Under communism the stronger help the weaker, not bully and torment them. And in doing so, they will reap the honours and glory of heroes.

In a modern army, theres a lot of scum bags. Such people should be thrown out, into a re-education camp. One of my friends (from malta, but quarter irish)who joined the British army came into this sort of shit, but fortunatley he was tougher than he looked and held his own and gained their respect. But he often had to stand up for others who where getting a rough time.

That said, that guy was no saint. We where staying at mixed dorms at Uni, I was taking a shower and he nicked my towel from over the door and I had to run back to my room almost naked, as I fortunatly found a bin and took its bag as cover! Still, its all fun i guess! Theres a few photos of the whole incident and I just hope they never make it to the net! They could of been worse but its still kind of embarassing! It looks like something out of a cheesy comedy film!
Post 28 May 2012, 21:17
I would use my own ideals-
1. The people don't want a leader class. They ARE the leader class. The Imperialist pyramid is now a thin line.
2. The official state "religion" is atheism, but people are allowed to use their own culture.
3. Everyone is as rich as all their comrades. Typical communism.
4. Achieve this at least semi-democratically.
5. A strong army navy and air force, but directing it at no particular enemy, just having forces ready for absolute emergencies, like another world war.
6. No trade barriers, no tarriffs, and excellent healthcare and public transportation extended free to all.
7. Everyone is allowed to bear arms, but using them wrong results in confiscation. Lower crime rate from petty sources because petty thieves won't steal from a store where everyone's got weapons.
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