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so america uses propaganda about their army???

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Post 25 May 2004, 23:29
wow i never knew that i dont think this is off topic
Post 26 May 2004, 07:10
Look, all this stuff... Like B-2, or F-22, or else... Was made to get money out of Congress, not to match Soviets. It is capitalism. Nobody in USA defence-producing companies cared about having superior or at least decent tech, they wanted their techs to be sold. So, they need PR.

It is only tactic under capitalism - use advertisement to force person (or company, or army, or nation) to buy tech.

So, Americans techs were just mean to LOOK scary - all these nifty words like "HELLFIRE" or "STEALTH" or "JSF" are advertisement slogans, made to attract common people.

People in Congress are elected democratically, without meritocratic or technocratic check procedures, so they are just the same common people that look at advertisement with "Pepsi" and buy "Pepsi". So, they look on advertisement of "STEALTH" capability and buy "STEALTH" capability.

But intelligent persons do not believe advertisements. They study evidence and, if possible, make tests. For example, if you put patch of fabric from your clothing inside jar with "Pepsi", caustic elements will just dissociate the fabric, showing that "Pepsi" is toxic worthless crap.

But because you have nothing to compare with (because you, say, didn't drink Soviet "Baikal" mineral water, taken and processed from largest and most ecologically pure lake on Earth - Baikal), you consider that "Pepsi" is best thing in the world.

Same stuff with "STEALTH", "HELLFIRE" or anything else in American techs. These are just worthless crap.

But because you didn't know what "Marabu" or "VIKhR" means, you will consider "STEALTH" to be superior method of avoiding detection, and "HELLFIRE" to be superior method of attacking ground targets.

That's simple laws of capitalism: to make people (or nations) buy something, you must twist their brains with advertisement.
Post 28 May 2004, 13:32
wow thanks man
Post 29 May 2004, 03:22
the Canadian comebacks......... r u gona be sincere now? if not just leave we dont want to hear bullshit and later bad excuses like u were drunk, we are not stupids
Post 28 May 2012, 21:11
Always, Comrade. How else do you think their army got so huge without mandatory conscription like in Russia (where you have to be 18-27 years old and an able-bodied male)? They stir up patriotic feelings and Uncle Sam's "I Want You For U.S. Army" bullshit to get their imperialist desires met.
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