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The opinion of the soviet people abot the US\Britain at WWII

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Post 05 Jan 2012, 23:26
Hi, Comrades

Do you know, that already all people liing at the ex-USSR thin abot the US at WWII?
They know only some myths from the Brezhnev-time propaganda. They think, than Lend-Lease was paid with gold, that american troops didn't fight with germans, and that the West Front was something like funny walk.
People doesn't know anythin about Ruhr battle, the Marker-Garden. They thik that the D-Day is suxx, and the such complicated descent operation is just a playing toys, and it can'y be comparable with Bagration or Stalingrad battle.
And after all these facts - how can we respect the Brezhnev and Stalin regeime?
Really, I hate the results of this propaganda. I think, that all of us should respect all anti-nazi participants of WWII and don't try to divide the results of the Great Victory like a lot of ex-soviet politicians (and ordinary people!) do

P.S. please, sorry me for my English. Don't hesitetae to ask me if any.
Post 06 Jan 2012, 01:21
Certainly it's a problem if the people of the former Soviet states don't recognize the contribution made by their allies to defeating the fascists, but unfortunately it's very similar in the West. The contribution of the USSR is consistently understated and diminished by the popular media.

During the Cold War, saying nice things about the Soviets was considered Communist subversion and the habit has not been completely lost in Post-Soviet times.

The Westerners on SE are probably much better informed than the average Westerner in such matters, but for the typical Westerner the Nazis were defeated by the British pilots in the Battle of Britain and the Americans on D-Day. Knowledge of the enormous sacrifices and contribution of the Soviet peoples is limited to history and military buffs (and Commies of course).

Many Westerners would probably not be able to find any historical inaccuracies in Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds
Post 06 Feb 2015, 05:30
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