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Moscow: Foreign Languages Publishing House

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Post 02 Mar 2011, 19:24
Hi all,

First post on here, stumbled across this forum by sheer accident, though it seemed like the perfect place to ask something that's been at the back of my mind for a while now!

I've been reading some pamphlets on Stalingrad (e.g. Grossman's 'Stalingrad Hits Back', Simonov's 'Stalingrad Fights On', and Krieger's 'Battle on the Volga') -- and I noticed that they were all published by the Foreign Languages Publishing House in Moscow.

Clearly, it appears to be some form of institution whose purpose is the spread and creation of wartime propaganda, but I was just wondering whether anyone knew any background information relating to it, such as its purpose, how and why it came into being, the mechanisms behind choosing which texts to translate into English, etc. Pointing me to a particular book which details this would be even better - if one even exists(!)


P.S. If anyone has any other pamphlets on Stalingrad worth a read, please let me know!
Post 18 Apr 2011, 06:14
The foreign language publishign house is just that. It was a publisher in the soviet union that published russian literature/novels/propaganda etc into foreign languages. You'll find a lot of Lenin's and Stalin's works were published from the very same organization at

Welcome to the site, as far as Stalingrad.... well you can probably find a map, but other than that, you'll find the same stuff.... "it was cold and hard without much food or resources, then winter came and so did the offensive and the soviets beat the Germans up pretty bad"
Post 22 Apr 2011, 06:27
At least in my neck of the woods (Latin America), there were two main foreign publishers from the USSR. The first was Progress Publishers, which published a lot of Soviet literature, poetry and political books.

The other is Mir Publishers, which was specialized in making educational books (up to college level) on mathematics, science, engineering, etc, etc.
Post 21 May 2011, 01:41
FLPH and Progress publishers Moscow didn't just publish propaganda, no. Their main literature was the works by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin along with many others and also novels and books on the USSR etc.

There are many other Moscow publishers, here's a few: Novosti Press, Brezhnev et al pub, the People’s Commissariat of Justice of the USSR, Co-Operative Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the U.S.S.R, and International USSR (a NYC co) as well as Lawrence and Wishart London published in cooperation with PP and FLPH.

FLPH and PP print the best quality books in my opinion, anything pre 1960 is amazing quality. Thereafter it has declined a little, still good though.
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