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3-D Warsaw film

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Post 28 Jul 2010, 17:51

Rare 3D film shows Warsaw devastated after WWII

The world's first digital reconstruction of a ruined city was made for the Warsaw Rising Museum. Its premiere will take place on August 1st 2010, in the 66 anniversary of the rising.

The film is a simulation of liberator flight over devastated and desolated Warsaw in 1945. “City of Ruins” was made based on thousands of photos and archive materials documenting the scale of destruction – says Piotr Śliwowski, coordinator of the project.

During the flight, the audience will see several dozen objects, buildings and ruins. In Śliwowski’s opinion, The Royal Castle makes biggest impression – or rather what’s left of it. The work was created in 3D technique by connected to Tomasz Bagiński studio Platige Image. It took two years to produce the film. It’s an enormous challenge – says other project coordinator, Michał Gryn. According to Mr. Gryn, no one have ever made such long, single 5 minute action shot.

“In “City of Ruins” conditions were simulated exactly the way we would fly upon the destroyed Warsaw. Everything was reconstructed, which means it was made without cheating.” - Gryn adds.

September 1st, 1939, Warsaw had one million three hundred thousand citizens. August 1st, 1945 there were only 9oo thousand left.

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