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Leon Degrelle

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Post 26 Mar 2007, 01:53
I have been trying to find reliable imformation on this guy, most of my questions have been answered but some still remain.

The main thing I want to know are:

What was his personal life like?
Found imformation on.
What was his military life like?
Found imformation on.
Did he commet any war crimes?
No reliable imformation on.
Did Mossad try to assinate him?
No relaible imformation on.
If so what was their motive?
No reliable imformation on.
Post 28 Mar 2007, 23:43
Does anyone post about wwii anymore on S-E? I quess not.
Post 28 Mar 2007, 23:55
Dude you are asking a bit too much. This type information is very unlikely to be found on the net.

If however you know that he has been arrested, you may find similar info you seek in police files ... in France. But I'm not sure if the public can access those files...

You may also look for biographies and verify the sources.

Sorry, I can't give you more.
Post 29 Mar 2007, 00:45
I have the notorious books of Wim Dannau: "Zo sprak Léon Degrelle/Ainsi parla Léon Degrelle". Serie of interviews, Degrelle gives his own version of the facts.
I don't think you can find these books in the english language.



If you want to know his ideas in his own words, start learning dutch or french.

Ow yes, 13 books in total, about 3000 pages.
Post 29 Mar 2007, 03:50
You can read some of Degrelle's own words at:
Post 04 May 2007, 00:18
Done some more research but could not find a non-biased site on wether their was an assination attempt and if he commeted war crimes.
Post 04 May 2007, 15:27
There are quite a few Youtubes on Leon Degrelle, including a 21 part series, but I don't know how solid the material actually is. Never checked it myself. Best you check it out yourself...
Post 16 Aug 2010, 00:05
Did he commet any war crimes?

I found at least one : he selected 3 hostages and had them shot by the police on July 21, 1944.
As a true Nazi, he might have commited a lot.

Flore Plisnier, 1940-1944. Ils ont pris les armes pour Hitler. La collaboration armée en Belgique francophone, Bruxelles, Luc Pire-Soma/Ceges, 2008, p. 51.
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