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Read this before you post! --List of mod actions!--

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Post 20 Feb 2007, 11:59
In order to increase the quality of discussion in this forum, I'd like to remind you some important rules and add some:


official forum rules wrote:
As this is a forum for adults (or at very least mature individuals) to discuss politics; immature, one-line posts will not be tolerated! Don't be surprised if any of yours disappear. Chances are if you think it's a crappy one-liner, it probably is. Might want to stop before you click that "submit" button and rethink it. Most particularly in forums in the Issues and Ideologies sections.

As a consequence, one-liners will be part of the past from now on. They'll be deleted.


Another important issue concerning both history forums are the sources. You should pay attention to the following points:

1) When starting a new topic, you must be able to name your source(s). Otherwise it may be a waste of time from the beginning on.

2.a) Wikipedia is "good" to get general information on a subject but it is not supposed to be your only source. Don't take part in a discussion if you only have read wikipedia.

2.b) Wikipedia is NOT quotable.

3) General advice: Read books!


If you are being attacked by another member, please contact me via PM. I'll deal with it.


Thank you.
Post 12 Jun 2007, 17:49
This is the list of actions I've taken in this specific sub-forum.

12. June 2007: Praetorian's Post edited here.

19. August 2007: Trashed Ossi's crappy oneliner here.

11. Decembre 2007: Trashed Stuff here.

19. Jan 2008 (0100): Trashed inappropriate posts concerning this discussion.

19. Jan 2008 (1019): Due to a moderation error I somehow had to trash one more post here.

20. April 2008: An accidental post by Punakaartilainen was trashed here.
Post 04 Feb 2009, 17:00
We all know what the forum's policy on necroposting is (To remind you, it is generally not appreciated). However, in this specific forum it is allowed to bring up a topic again which was posted some time ago.

The conditions for this are simple:

- You have a specific intelligent question concerning the topic. Please read the entire thread in order to avoid asking a question which was already discussed.

- You are able to provide an important addition to the topic. As always, when posting something new to a topic, so that the discussion can be continued, make sure to provide a link or the literature you used.
Post 15 Nov 2012, 05:23
Hello Everybody...

I don't have much to add to what SpetsNaz has previously stated here, but just wanted to ask everybody to be nice and behave themselves and if they see anything objectionable please report it.

Racism, Sexism and so forth will not be tolerated here. Attacks of any kind upon other members are not acceptable (no matter what you think of their opinions). I hope everybody understands those types of things are not welcome.

Make sure you've read the Forum Rules please. We take them seriously.

If anybody has any questions they are free to PM me and I'll do my best to help.
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