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Did Marxism/Communism/Socialism ever really outlawReligion?

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Post 23 May 2017, 14:01
Hi my question is did Marxism/Communism/Socialism ever really outlaw Religion or is this just a Capitalist Myth I have read that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels never called for Religion to be banned not Lenin either even if Religion was banned a Christian Jew or Muslim could just lie and pretend to be an Atheist like the Communist Party of China I read wants Atheists only members but they could pretend to be Atheists or Agnostics to join since Marx said economic exploitation caused people to turn to religion does this mean under Marxism Socialism and Communism if there is a famine or black death or a economic collapse that people will turn to religion again thank for your time ?

Either they decreed reforms which the republican bourgeoisie had failed to pass solely out of cowardice, but which provided a necessary basis for the free activity of the working class – such as the realization of the principle that in relation to the state, religion is a purely private matter

1891 Introduction by Frederick Engels
On the 20th Anniversary of the Paris Commune

[Historical Background &
Overview of the Civil War]

Marx was, but Marxism is not explicitly atheist (although it does hint at such a
conclusion by using materialist analysis). Marx viewed religion as being the
"opium of the people," in that it provides a metaphysical retreat from their
hardship and exploitation and distracts them from the class struggle. However,
he devoted much of "On the Jewish Question" to arguing that freedom and religion
were not incompatible within a secular nation, and held the view that with the
advent of socialism, religion will disappear on its own.

Marx's staunch atheism hasn't stopped Marxists from being theistic, most notably
Eugebe V. Debs, the famous American socialist and trade union organizer who was
very religious. Even in the modern day, the Dalai Lama has described himself as
Marxist on multiple occasions.

Do Marxists support suppression of religion?[edit]
Marx branded the notion that religion should be violently suppressed as
"ridiculous"[1], and Engels criticized the Blanquists' support for the legal
suppression of religion and legal enforcement of atheism.[2][3]
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