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Can Leninism ever truly become Communist?

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Post 03 Dec 2014, 16:36
Simply saying that there are transitional stages does not mean you're an adherent to the Stalinist Theory of Stages. And you really want to lecture others on whether or not they understand either it or permanent revolution?

I'll answer later. In the meantime, enjoy this:

Trotsky wrote:
A remarkable consecutiveness of stages is to be observed in the development of the Russian revolution – and this for the very reason that it was an authentic popular revolution, setting in motion tens of millions. Events succeeded each other as though obeying laws of gravitation. The correlation of forces was twice verified at every stage: first the masses would demonstrate the might of their assault, then the possessing classes, attempting revenge, would reveal their isolation the more clearly. ... r/ch48.htm

Post 03 Dec 2014, 21:05
"The Stalinist theory of stages, which OP-B defends": This is how you defined the presentation I made of Lenin's ideas. And now you are trying to say that Trotsky also recognizes the existence of stages. This is a great improvement. But what are those stages comrade Mabool?

And more importantly, what is this so-called "stalinist theory of stages" and how does it differ from what I wrote above?
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