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Imperialism, ultra-leftism and

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Post 07 Jun 2019, 15:19
I think it's about time we explored the phenomenon of ultra-leftists lending objective support for imperialism.
I make specific reference to the now defunct forum known as as it contained a disproportionate number of ultra-leftists(trotskyites, anarchists, so-called "left-communists etc.) and where such objectively pro-imperialist positions were often to be found.
This objective support for imperialism generally took the form of attacks upon former socialist countries (especially the Soviet Union) and anti-imperialist national liberation movements in the Global South.
Concentrating on the latter, the attacks on national liberation movements, it mostly consisted of criticisms of such movements for not apparently being left wing enough or having explicitly socialist leaderships(and even when they did they were invariably denounced as being "Stalinist").
What was telling was that these ultra-leftists would side with openly chauvinist(often overtly racist) supporters of imperialism when arguments arose as whether this or that anti-imperialist national liberation movement was progressive or not.
Post 25 Jun 2019, 05:35
No need to reinvent the wheel. Lenin's “Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile Disorder. It is a phenomenal book that I've read several times over the years. Some more analysis and study guides of his writings are located here.

Lenin's work directly attack's the "purists" in the movement. Ultra-leftism is also exacerbated via the internet via armchair socialists who lack organizing experience.
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