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New Communist Country

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Post 28 Jul 2017, 21:48
Practically all the land of this planet has been carefully parcelled and is now in the possession of capitalist states. There seems to be no space to establish a functional alternative to the currently dominant socioeconomic system. All the continents, oceans and even the air and the cosmos were stolen from the people and have an owner. But the answer to the problem lies directly beneath our feet.

While all Earth´s territory has been assigned to nation states, there is one last remaining part of this world which has no owner. There is no law or international convention that dictates how far beneath the ground do a nation´s boundaries reach. This has led to disputes over underground deposits of precious metals and raw resources, but the issue has never been resolved on the international level. This is our last opportunity to take our land back.

I suggest that we as the hairs of this planet, as a progressive radical community declare The Free Underground Territory. This yet unclaimed part of the globe spans from 20cm deep to the centre of the Earth. We respect the fact that some entities have underground properties, and so there will be a 2m clearance zone from every underground object that is actively used.

The underground world has a yet unrealised potential. It has complex ecosystems, rich mineral deposits, is safe from all the world´s military threats, has no government and natural wonders that are equally magnificent as the terrestrial world. This will be the first opportunity to create a worldwide stateless and classless territory, a fully democratic union of independent communes and soviets. We can start afresh, far away from all the desperation of the modern world. We can show to the world what 200 years of underground revolutionary theory and practice has to offer. A decentralised social system free of oppression, without ideologies, without wars, without a monetary system, a society where resources are allocated based on scientific reason and not on politics. This is a new and completely legal way to establish our experiment.
That does not imply that we move the whole world underground. Establishing the Free Underground Territory is just a formality. Once it is declared and we install the constitution, all those affiliated with the Territory can seek help and asylum in it. Meetings in cellars, underground tunnels and abandoned bunkers can be done without the fear from prosecution. Private belongings can be temporarily buried underground in tight containers, and these cannot be confiscated by another government. The United Nations even allows nuclear testing underground. We can issue statements, publish works, organise professional debates, educate and agitate. At the very least, we will surely gain useful media attention for spreading our cause.

Comrades, of course this is partially a joke, but I think we can take it far. Please let me know if you think this is worth to be tried. If we collaborate, draft the constitution, make a flag and a press release we can claim the Territory in the next 24 hours.

Let’s organise resistance from underground!

For a bottom up revolution!
Post 19 Oct 2017, 23:57
lol what the fuсk? No thanks Andrew Ryan.
Post 25 Oct 2017, 05:21
I thought it was referencing Metropolis
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