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How did the ussr government work at every level

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Post 10 Apr 2017, 17:56
Basically what I'm trying to figure out is how the government of the ussr was organized from it's lowest or most local levels all the way to the top and how the party was organized from the most basic level to the all union national level from the 1950s on. I know in theory the country was suppose to run completely different than how it was run in practice. Anyway here's what I can figure out so far the government had a judicial branch with an elected procurator general and supreme court the legislative branch was the supreme soviet and within it were the soviet of the union and the soviet of nationalities. They elected a presidium that was supposedly collective leadership. The executive branch was the council of ministers elected by the supreme soviet. The council of ministers first secretary was known as the premier. As for the communist party that's where the real power was. The party congress elected a central committee that in turn elected a politboro and secretariat the head of the politboro was the general secretary. The party created policy and basically the government implemented it. Is that basically correct? How were the supreme soviet candidates chosen? In other words where did they come from. Also as far as I can understand each republic except the rsfsr had this same type of system and lower down each okrug,krai,autonomous ssr,oblast or basically regional governments copied this and each raion or district,locality,place also had this. Is the lowest possible level of party structure the primary party organizations made at various work places? Could anyone create them were there limits to one for each factory or workplace? Was the member size between 50 and 300 people? How is the primary party organization structured whos in charge? What comes next is it the raion or district level then followed by the various regional levels? Do raions and oblasts have party congresses that elect central committes that elect politboros? Do all the local,district,regional congress members make up the republic level congress? And all the central committes make up the republic level central committee or are eligible to be elected? Are these congresses separate than the members at the all union party congress? Those questions are mostly regarding the structure of the party from bottom to top though. What about the government at republic,oblast,raion, level? Do Soviets refer to the party organization or government? Is raion mean district, okrug,krai,oblast mean region? Then after that is the republic level? I've tried looking at various charts regarding this and so much information that gets confusing. Difficult to make sense of this
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