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The Homeless

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Post 14 Oct 2015, 07:17
1: Are the homeless considered members of the proletariat?
Many homeless in the U.S. are homeless due to the lack of mental heath funding cuts made during the Reagan era. But most homeless is due to economic down turn and the lack of affordable housing. These combination of things lead to drug use, which seems to be a cause to some, but should be seen as, not a cause, but as something thats accompanies hardships inherent in capitalism.

2.If the homeless are members of the proletariat should revolutionary parties educate, agitate, and organize the homeless alongside workers?

Post 17 Oct 2015, 01:59
1. If they're still capable of doing meaningful, productive labor, I suppose they're still very much proletariat. If they're beyond the point of being salvaged as productive members of society at any level (for example, by total immersion in the drug or criminal culture), then they've sunk to lumpenprole.

2. If the Party can give them a job, and they're willing to excel or at least be very, very competent at it, then, by all means, let it be done.
Post 17 Oct 2015, 16:51
Homelessness is a social sickness like drugs and criminal lifestyles. As comrade Gulper stated, these individuals would need to be rehabilitated and reintegrated into society.
Post 18 Oct 2015, 06:05
From a cynical yet utilitarian stance I should point out that the church use food and warmth as a lure to proselityse to the Homeless to varying degrees of success.

I would rather they did not prey on these people and just offer succour as their tenets describe is righteous.
Post 03 Jan 2016, 01:30
Homeless people through the help of pro bono lawyers can file a class action lawsuit against the government of the United States. Part of their social contract as once-moneyed-taxpayers deserving of access to shelter homes.
Post 15 Mar 2016, 03:13
The homeless are not considered proleteriat but their are Lumpen-Proleteriat. I think you only deal with them after the revolution similar of what happened in the Ussr.
Post 23 May 2016, 09:16
The homeless sell their labor. Just because you have failed so much at finding a job that you're unable to make rent does not mean your life does not depend on sale of your labor. On the contrary, it depends much more viscerally on it than anyone else's does. There is a humongous homeless population in the Bay Area. Why are they homeless? "Rent is too damn high."

I do agree with Gulper though, those who have fully been assimilated into the criminal subculture would be considered lumpenproletariat. Hardcore heroin addicts and such are more of an ambiguous category, in that they're maybe temporarily lumpen but only due to self-medicating in the wrong way for their failures. Rehabilitation for them is not only possible, it's common.
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